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Office of College Grants at Buchanan House

The Office of College Grants (OCG) exists to support the scholarly and creative pursuits of faculty, students, and staff and the strategic priorities of the institution.

The OCG provides the following pre-award services:

  • Interpreting guidelines for grant proposals
  • Conceptualizing and preparing grant and fellowship proposals
  • Assisting with budget development
  • Providing support for IRB, IACUC, and COG committees
  • Functioning as a liaison to administrative departments
  • Facilitating grant-related internal and external collaborations
  • Collegial advice on seeking all types of funding
  • Administering internal research funds

Core Values

Staff members in the Office of College Grants, a collaboration between College Advancement and the Office of the Provost, are committed to the following set of operating principles:

  • Providing the College community with the services and resources required to seek and secure funding for scholarly, creative, service-related, curricular, and other efforts related to student success, scholarship, and F&M's overarching mission
  • Working hand-in-hand with grant and fellowship seekers to leverage internal funding sources and secure external funding to ensure F&M’s position on the leading edge of liberal arts education
  • Relying on core, shared values of education, quality, integrity, service, collegiality, responsibility, and accountability to expand grant-seeking capacity campuswide
  • Adhering to and advancing relevant best practices among national liberal arts colleges


Amy Cuhel-Schuckers
· Faculty grant & fellowship development
· Proposal conceptualization
· Proposal editing & targeted feedback

Molly Dellinger
· Grant budgets & proposal submission
· Subawards
· Grant management (bridge to post-award)
· Office of College Grants Resource (OCG) Fund
· Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) Administrator

Dick Fluck
· Institutional grant proposals
· Institutional grant reports
· Collaborative proposal development

Kathy Hertzler
· Faculty Research/Prof. Dev. Fund (FR/PDF)
· Committee on Grants (COG)
· Academic Innovation & Enrichment Fund

Christine Petrow
· Faculty liaison to Business Office
· Portfolio Manager: Granted Funds

Ryan Sauder
· Office of College Grants leadership
· Institutional grant proposals & reports
· Advancement liaison

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    • Dan Ardia, assistant professor of biology

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    • Kate Plass

    • lonsdorf
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    • John Lardas Modern

    • China - Mellon initiative
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    • Franklin & Marshall Professor of Philosophy Bennett Helm (left) and Dan Kaplan ’12 traveled to the Psycho-Ontology Conference in Israel in December to present a paper titled "Objectivity, Rule Following, and Joint Commitment."

    • HHMI Research
    • From left, Dominick Trombetta ’12, Abby Benkert ’13, Daniel Hass ’13 and Associate Professor of Biology Rob Jinks are collaborating this summer on a series of cell-culture experiments to determine how certain genetic mutations affect children in the Amish and Mennonite communities. Their work is being funded by a $1.4 million grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). The grant, awarded May 24, is F&M’s second consecutive grant from HHMI and fourth overall. (Photo by Tim Brixius)

    • Photo Credit: Tim Brixius
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    • Christina Weaver, assistant professor of mathematics

    • madden crawford
    • F&M student Jack Madden '14 (right) discovered a rare extragalactic pulsar this summer during his Hackman research project with Associate Professor of Astronomy Fronefield Crawford (left). Above, Madden and Crawford stand beside their Beowulf cluster, a series of high-powered computers in F&M's Hackman Physical Sciences Building, which processed the data for Madden's project. (Photo by Chris Karlesky)

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    • Rob Sternberg, professor of geosciences

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    • Joe Thompson, assistant professor of biology

    • Berkeley's Polypore
    • Photo Credit: Jaime E. Blair
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    • Amy Lytle, assistant professor of physics

    • Scott Brewer and Ed Fenlon
    • janetfischer facultyshowcase
    • Photo Credit: Janet Fischer
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