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Office of College Grants Resource Fund

Office of College Grants (OCG) Resource Fund

The OCG Resource Fund provides faculty members with funding for scholarly projects that are not within the central purposes of either COG or FR/PDF funds. For the time being, a portion of 2010-11 fiscal year surplus set aside to support faculty research will fund this initiative.

OCG Resource fund are limited to:

  • one grant per year per faculty member
  • capped at $5,000 per grant

The OCG Resource Funds is available for the following purposes:

1)   Publication fees: including but not limited to page charges, subvention fees, fees to include images, and copyright fees. (Note that the Provost’s Office has had some success at negotiating lower publication fees, so the Provost and associate deans will attempt to work with relevant parties before committing a specific amount of funding).

2)   Payment of assistants for indexing, copyediting, and other essential needs for publication.

3)   International travel for research and conference participation.

4)   Hosting of small, focused conferences at F&M that help to advance collaborative projects (for example, to prepare to seek grant funding or to plan next steps of a project).

5)   Research support for a one-semester Junior Faculty Leave ($5,000 maximum), or research support and/or supplemental salary for a full-year Junior Faculty Leave ($5,000 maximum). To be granted funding in this category, the applicant must have applied for external funding from two sources and been denied. If a successful grant/fellowship proposal provides less than $5,000, the Fund can make up the difference up to $5000.

6)   Other: i.e., a previously unencountered or unanticipated research or publication need.

The Office of College Grants Resource Fund application form asks you to provide a brief accounting of the costs and a brief narrative of how you intend to spend the funds granted. Please also share whether you have already spent any of your allotted FR/PDF funds on the project.