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Resources For Faculty and Professional Staff

Funding Opportunities for Faculty and Professional Staff

Franklin & Marshall College has a variety of funding opportunities available for faculty, professional staff and students such as:

  • student stipend support for research and/or curriculum development
  • additional research support for faculty
  • supplemental funding for research projects
  • internships
  • travel to conferences to present work
  • community service programs
  • off-campus study and/or study abroad programs.

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The Office of College Grants at Franklin & Marshall College provides guidance to faculty seeking both external and internal funding. The office reviews grant and fellowship proposals and advises faculty regarding budgets and institutional commitments for external grants. Some external grants are funded through private foundations and corporations (e.g., Research Corporation, American Chemical Society, Merck, etc.), while the majority are from public funding sources (e.g., NSF, NIH, NEH, ONR, etc.)

The Office of College Grants also administers internally funded research grants that are made possible through specific endowments and institutional funds. The Committee on Grants (COG), a standing committee appointed by Faculty Council, convenes approximately five times throughout the academic year to award faculty grants. These grants provide seed money for projects that will eventually attract outside funding or support work where outside funds are not available.