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Party Registration Form

Center For Student Life

Party Registration Form


Location of the event: _______________________________

Date(s) of event(s):  Thursday    Friday    Saturday

Legal Occupancy: _______________________________

Sponsoring Group: ______________________________

Time(s) of event: ________________________________

President: __________________ Cell Phone: __________________

Social Chair: ______________________________

    Cell Phone: __________________

Risk Mgr: _________________________________

    Cell Phone: __________________

Party Sponsor: ____________________________

    Cell Phone: __________________ (must be 21 or older)


Front Door/Invitation/Check Ids/ Wrist Bands (Two (2) people per shift). MUST be sober

Time  -  Names




College Trained Servers (Two (2) people per shift). MUST be sober:

Time  -  Names




Sober Monitors

Time  -  Names




Food will be present:   (initial)

Alternative Beverages will be present:   (initial)

Safety Check will be completed before the event:   (initial)

If permission is given to serve liquor, a licensed bartender is required:

Permission granted: Y    N    Bartenders Name: ____________________

Does your house have a stocked party kit?  Y   N

Public Safety Inspection approval:  Y    N

Event Approved by: ___________________________________

Date: ___________________________


· Parties must pass inspection in order to receive approval from the Center For Student Life.

· Copies to: Dean of Students, Public Safety, LCPD, LCFD