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Recognition Guidelines


Franklin & Marshall College has decided to integrate Greek organizations into the life of the College and wishes to establish formal relationships with Greek organizations to which members of its student body belong. The Board of Trustees, the President and the Faculty have indicated their support for this step but have made clear that the relationships must be established on terms that are consistent with the College's mission. Together we must meet the challenge of creating a model Greek system and building Greek organizations that represent the values of the College and its liberal arts heritage.

Most importantly, our Greek system must respect the centrality of academic life at the institution. It must also operate in a manner that demonstrates a fundamental respect for human dignity and a commitment to inclusiveness. Together the College and its Greek organizations must construct an environment that places the highest priority on the health and safety of all students. Finally,our Greek system must embrace and exemplify the College's commitment to serving the local community.

Building and sustaining such a Greek system will require the active support of the Faculty, strong commitment on the part of current student members, regular involvement of alumni and assistance from national Greek organizations. The College must also allocate adequate resources to oversight of the system. We must also put in place a legitimate system of governance that functions effectively and has the capacity to enforce our shared principles and values.

What follows below are protocols articulating specific elements of the proposed relationship. The College believes that these guidelines reflect the values,principles and standards articulated in both the North-American Inter fraternity Conference Statement of Fraternal Values & Ethics 1987 and the National Panhellenic Conference Creed.

The College invites the Alumni Greek Council and the undergraduate Greek Council to join in approval of these Guidelines. We envision re-recognition as the first step toward implementing a model system of fraternities and sororities, with features unique to Franklin and Marshall; and we anticipate that these guidelines will evolve as we move toward achieving this model system.