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Waste Hauling Guidelines

Waste Hauling at Greek Properties 

All trash must be bagged* (inside the waste container supplied by the College)

Each waste container should not exceed two bags

No bag of trash should exceed 30 pounds*

Residents are responsible for maintaining clean waste containers

Waste containers cannot be at the city street curb before 6:00P.M. the day before pick-up*

If the trash is not curbside at 6:00A.M. the day of pick-up it will not be picked up until the next scheduled date

Empty waste containers must be removed from the city street curb by 8:00P.M. on the day of pick-up*

Residents will be held responsible for disposing of its bulky items (i.e., couch, refrigerator, television, anything other than a bag of trash)

General waste will be picked-up on Monday & Thursday

Recyclables will be picked-up on Thursday (frequency is subject to increase if warranted)

Recyclables include glass, metal, and plastic*

Waste containers must be stored to the side or rear of property*

* City Ordinance


Disposal of Bulky Items

Ace Hauling: 808-5156

Good’s: 626-1055

Waste Management: 293-9495

York Disposal: 581-8383