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Insurance and Cost of Health Care

Appel Fees Fall 2013

Appel Health Services does not bill insurance directly.  There are charges for in house labs*, medications and vaccines**. Appel does NOT charge for office visits.

Students can send charges directly to their student account at the business office, or pay at the time of service.

A detailed receipt of service may be requested which students can submit to their to their health insurance company for possible reimbursement.

*Rapid testing for Strep A, Mono, PPD and Urine pregnancy are $10, Rapid flu is $15 and Urine test is $5

**Vaccines (Appel charges approximately what it costs us to purchase the vaccine) Current prices for Fall 2013

Meningococcal - $110

Tdap $40

Td $30

Polio $35

Flu $17

Hep A $85

Hep B $75

MMR $60

Availability and pricing are subject to change.

Cost of Health Care

  • Health and Counseling Services will continue to provide high-quality health care to all eligible students regardless of their health insurance status or ability to pay.  Appel Health Services does NOT bill for counseling services.
  • The only items which require payment up front at the time of service are rapid lab tests, medications and equipment dispensed from Health Services medication supply, and self pay lab work.
  • Health Services refers students who need treatment or services beyond what we provide to outside specialists or hospitals.  Students or their parents are responsible for all costs incurred outside the College's health center.  Your insurance plan will determine coverage of those costs.


Health insurance is required for F&M students. All students are charged a Health Services fee with their tuition. The health fees do not include health insurance for illness, accidents, or athletic injuries. The college provides a student insurance policy that is required for students without other adequate insurance. This policy is also recommended for students intending to participate in varsity, club, or intramural sports or as a primary supplementary policy for those with managed care insurance whose away-from-home benefits provide insufficient coverage.

Enrollment forms and waivers are sent to each student over the summer. The college sponsored plan may be waived if proof of adequate away-from-home coverage is provided. By waiving out of the plan, however, the basic athletic accident coverage is also waived.

Students should know basic information about their insurance coverage and have an insurance card to present if the need for emergency or outpatient care arises. A copy of both sides of the card should be provided to AHS and updated every semester. Those who have waived the supplementary policy and are insured by managed care or an HMO should know the approval process required if services not available on campus are needed. It has been our experience that some students have been forced to return home to receive non-emergency outpatient care. Others have needed to identify a primary care physician in Lancaster. Some managed care companies participate only with specific laboratories or outpatient facilities. The need to investigate coverage requirements at a time when the doctor recommends outpatient procedures often results in unfortunate delays in treatment.

Additional information is available from the policy administrator Hulse/QM, phone number: (800) 766-7090 or (800) 287-0285.   For enrollment/waiver questions,  call (800) 433-2042 extension 2.

  • Revised April 2014

August 12, 2013

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

We would like to inform you of an upcoming change with regards to health insurance billing at Appel Health Services at Franklin & Marshall College.

For the past 3 years, Appel Health Services has been participating in an insurance billing process for all services performed at the Health Center. Any service provided at the Health Center was subsequently sent to a billing company who then submitted bills to students' individual insurance companies for reimbursement. We will no longer be participating in the same process of insurance billing for services provided.

For the upcoming year, office visits and evaluations will not incur a direct cost to the student or insurance. Any in house lab (rapid strep, rapid mono, urine, etc.) will incur a minimal cost. We will also charge directly for any vaccine given at the Health Center. The fees for these services will be listed on our website by the start of the semester, and a printed copy will be visible at our front desk. Charges at the time of services can be billed directly to the student's F&M account if they desire (preferred method of payment). We will provide a detailed receipt to the student at the time of service which he/she can than forward to the respective insurance company for possible reimbursement. We will also continue to charge a minimal amount (less than typical co-pay) for medications dispensed from Appel (limited antibiotics, acute management medications etc.). Receipts for dispensed medication will be given if requested, but typically do not get reimbursed by insurance.

Any labs that are drawn and subsequently sent to an outside laboratory for processing will be billed directly to insurance from the outside lab. There will be no drawing fee charged through the Health Center. Any student referred for special testing (x-ray, MRI, etc.), referred to an outside specialist, or Emergency Department will be responsible for charges incurred at those visits. We will continue to require that students provide us with a copy of their most updated insurance card in order to properly handle the referrals to ouside laboratories and other facilities.

The available services provided through Appel Health Center will not change. We will continue to provide comprehensive health care to our student populatlion.

Should you have any questions regarding the upcoming change, please contact the Office of the Dean of the College (717-358-5816) or Appel Health Services directly (717-291-4082).


Amy Myers, MD 

Director of Health Services

Margaret Hazlett

Dean of the College