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Travel Opportunities

  • Love the outdoors? Adventure?  Then apply for Masa Desert Sports Challenge Program.  This is a 5 month program that includes challenging sports activities in rappelling, diving, swimmingbikinghiking, navigation, running and jeeping. Of course our participants also study Hebrew and travel throughout Israel. Grants are available.
  • The Adventure Path: The Israel Trail:  5 Months Hiking ALL of Israel.  Hike across Israel from border to border and sea to sea. Use the Land as your classroom and playground to learn about Jewish history where it happened. Visit colorful communities along the path and participate in a series of off-path programs designed to expose you to different aspects of Israeli society. Learn the fundamentals of wilderness expeditions and Israel's unique ecology as we hike the Israel National Trail.   Learn More: The Israel Trail
  • The Skills Path: Zoom Israel:  5 or 10 Months in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Spend five or ten months in Tel Aviv gaining media/technology skills and experiencing life in the capital of Israeli culture. Return home with a marketable background in fields such as photography and film or graphic design. Whether you want to explore a new career path or learn for fun, Zoom Israel is about enriching yourself and finding inspiration in the Land of Milk and Honey.  Learn More: Zoom Israel
  • Interested in having a lasting impact on Jewish teens this summer? Apply to become a BBYO Passport madrich.
  • Spend up to a YEAR in Israel with Masa!
  • Taglit-Birthright Israel.  Spend 10 days in Israel for FREE!
  • Study Abroad in Israel.
  • The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem immerses our students in the study of classical Jewish texts. Men and women of diverse backgrounds learn together in a rigorous, challenging and open-minded environment. Scholarships are available
  • The Kibbutz Program Center is dedicated to connecting young adults across the United States and Canada with exciting and inspiring programs in Israel
  • Go to Israel this Summer for 4 weeks for Ben Gurion Universities new program... a taste of israel!  Learn and travel all summer and become accustomed to the best foods the Middle East has to offer.  YUMMY!  For more information contact  OR 646.452.3682