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Parents - Housing FAQs

When do students select housing for the Fall semester?

The housing lottery is typically scheduled in late March.  The junior/senior lottery occurs first.  The sophomore lottery usually occurs in April.

Are sophomores required to live on campus?

Yes, sophomore students reside in their college house, a theme house or one of the two annex locations, Schnader or Thomas Hall. 

May a junior or senior student choose housing on campus?

Yes, junior and senior students may choose from available on campus spaces in the housing lottery.

As a sophomore, may my son or daughter choose their room mate?

Sophomores may choose their room mate but they must be a member of the same college house unless the student elects to live in a theme house.  There are specific identified spaces in both the college houses and in the annex locations for sophomore students.

Are sophomores required to carry a meal plan?

Presently, all sophomore students are required to carry either the 225 block or the 180 block meal plan.

Are juniors and seniors required to carry a meal plan?

Juniors and seniors are not required to carry a meal plan.  They may select from any of the five plans or may opt out altogether.  They may also choose Bens Bucks. Please see for more information.

If I want to live in an off campus apartment do I need to sign a 12 month lease?

Most off campus apartment spaces require the student to sign a 12 month lease agreement.  Campus Apartments at College Row and College Hill are independently owned and operated.  They both require a 12 month lease commitment.  Monthly rent is paid directly to the property manager and not to the college.  JSP (James Street Properties) apartment housing is billed by the college and students sign a 12 month occupancy agreement.  Utilities in College Row and James Street Properties are based on usage and bills are paid directly to the utility companies.  Utilities in College Hill are based on usage and paid to the property manager, Susquehanna Realty Company.

If I plan to go abroad what happens to my 12 month lease?

If you sign a one year lease agreement for the Fall and plan to go abroad in the Spring you must notify the property manager of your plans.  Once you have been approved to go abroad, please notify the property manager and your lease will be terminated at the end of the Fall semester.  You may pre-arrange for one of your friends to take your space for the spring semester or the college will work with the room mates to find a replacement.  The new student in the space will sign a spring lease at that time.

Are security deposits required in off campus apartments?

Yes, College Row, College Hill and James Street Properties all require a security deposit to be held for the entire lease term for potential damages to the unit.

May a student with an off campus lease sublet their apartment in the summer?

Yes, students may sublet their space to another F&M student in the summer months. Please remember the lease holder is responsible for any and all damages to the unit.  If you decide to sublet it may be a good idea to require a security deposit from the sublet student in the event of damage.  The property manager must be made aware if a sublet student is living in an apartment assigned to another student for the summer in the event of an emergency.

Are the apartment utilities in the student's name?

At College Row and the James Street Properties all utilities are in the student names.  At College Hill the property manager bills the students monthly for utility usage.  College Row includes basic cable and internet in the monthly rent. At College Hill the internet is included in the monthly rent but cable is additional.  In a James Street Property all unit utilities are additional and in the student names.

Will my financial aid cover the costs of my off campus lease.  

Please visit and click on current students then College Row & College Hill for more information.   Your financial aid package is budgeted for a 9-month period of expenses and most off campus spaces have a 12-month commitment.  Students are responsible for the three summer months plus any utilities and security deposit during that time.

What if I am abroad during the housing lottery?  How will I participate?

Students select housing on line and can participate from anywhere that has an internet connection.  Students may also elect to choose a student proxy to participate for them if they do not have internet access.  Please notify Lori Foust at prior to your lottery participation time to select a proxy.  

If I am going abroad in the Fall do I participate in the Fall housing lottery?

No.  Students that plan to go abroad in the Fall do not participate in the housing lottery even if they have not been accepted to their program.  If, for some reason, the student does not go abroad in the Fall as expected we will work with them to secure housing for Fall.

If my son or daughter is a rising junior are they guaranteed apartment housing off campus?  

No.  Students select housing based on their lottery number and/or the ability of a friend to pull them in with their number.  A percentage of junior students will not be able to select an off campus apartment space based on housing availability.  Those students should select an on campus space.  If changes occur prior to the start of the Fall semester and spaces become available students will be permitted to switch into an off campus apartment space.

If I am on leave of absence in the Spring do I participate in the Fall housing lottery?

If a student on leave of absence plans to return to campus for the Fall semester they would participate in the housing lottery.

Are all off campus housing choices a 12-month lease commitment?

No. If a student chooses to live in an off campus theme house it is a 9-month commitment and the housing dates are the same as the residence halls on campus. All utilities are included in theme house living.

When do the off campus apartment leases begin?

Off campus apartment leases begin June 1st through mid May of the following year.

Condition of Move In - What is normal?

All apartment units are turned over mid May.  Lease terms begin June 1st.  If your room mate moves in on June 1st and you do not move in until August 1st the unit will not be revisited or cleaned.  It is up to the room mate to keep the unit tidy. Please complete the move in condition form within 72 hours of move in and turn in to the property manager noting any deficiencies in the unit.  This move in condition form is very important so that a comparison can be done on move out.

Where do students pick up their keys?

If a student lives in a residence hall on campus they pick up their keys at the Key Shop located at 415 Harrisburg Avenue between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If a student rents a College Row apartment they would pick up their keys at the College Row leasing office on Harrisburg Pike located in the College Row facility.  Their number is 717.291.9333.

If a student rents a College Hill apartment they would pick up their keys at the Susquehanna Realty Office at the corner of Mulberry and W. James.  Their number is 717.393.8400.

If a student rents a James Street Property they would pick up their keys at the JSP office at 448 W. James Street during normal weekly business hours.  Their number is 717.330.4320.

Does the housing office have a Twitter page?

Yes we do.  Please follow us @FandMHousing.