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Housing policies for students who plan to study off-campus

It is recommended that you apply to a program as early as possible to know about your acceptance and make arrangements for your housing at F&M. If your plans change and you decide to stay on campus, Lori Foust, the College Residential Coordinator will work with you to provide options for suitable and appropriate housing for the semester.

If you are planning to live in College Hill or College Row and need to find a replacement, post your vacancy on the campus F&M Bulletin Board - Student Housing, [requires F&M NetID login] or join the facebook group: F&M College Row.

Studying Off-Campus in the Fall Semester

If you plan to go abroad for the Fall semester, do not participate in the housing lottery in March/April to select a Fall assignment. If you are undecided about pursuing off-campus study at the time of the lottery, you should participate, but notify Ms. Foust if you later decide to be away.  You should not sign a lease at College Row or College Hill with a start date of June 1 if there is any chance that you will be going abroad for the Fall semester.  If there is any chance that you may EXTEND your abroad experience into the Spring semester, please do not sign a Spring only lease at College Row or College Hill.  We can place you when you return.

Studying Off-Campus in the Spring Semester

Notify Ms. Foust at your earliest convenience to let her know of  your housing vacancy for the spring semester.  Supplying Ms. Foust with the name of  a student returning from off-campus to move into your bedroom/unit is also suggested, if known.  You will participate in the housing lottery for the following year from your off-campus study location. If you will not have reliable access to the Internet during your program, contact Ms. Foust before you leave campus.

Returning to Campus After Your Program

Available Housing Options include:

A variety of Theme and Greek housing is available. Theme housing includes the Arts House, the Wellness/Substance Free House, Dietz Hall/Quiet Living and the Sustainability House.  Students have access to laundry facilities.  In the theme houses all utilities are included in the semester cost.

We are pleased to announce there are now 246 James Street Property (JSP) beds available to our students.  All apartments are fully furnished.  Students share the cost of the utilities to include gas, electric, cable and internet.  There is a washer and dryer are in each apartment.

All College Hill rooms are fully furnished. Tenants are responsible for their portion of gas and electric utilitites and are responsible for setting up their own cable service. Water, sewer and trash are included in the rent. Internet is included in the rental cost.  Laundry facilities are on site.  Students are required to sign a one semester lease when returning from abroad.  

Campus Crossings - College Row comprises two buildings along Harrisburg Avenue and offers fully furnished one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and four-bedroom student apartments, all designed with the latest safety and communications technologies.  Students share the cost of electric for each unit.  Basic cable and internet are included in the rent cost.  Laundry facilities are available on site.  Students are required to sign a one semester lease when returing from abroad.

If you live in College-Owned or Theme Housing, you are expected to return to campus on the date that housing re-opens. If you live in other housing options, you are subject to the move-in and move-out regulations that are part of your lease.

An international student who needs to stay in the U.S. during the winter break to secure a visa for study abroad should submit a request by completing the Winter Break Housing Request Form.