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Residence Selection

Were not able to attend a housing lottery info session?  See presentation below.


Room Selection for 2014-2015

All Franklin & Marshall students who plan to live in college housing, on or off campus, for the Fall of 2014 are required to complete a Returning Resident Housing Application.  This online form replaces the former housing contract. Students must complete even if they are renewing their lease and staying in their current housing location.
From the F&M homepage, go to "Life at F&M," click on "Housing Options" and then "Residence Selection"....
Click on "Access MyHousing"  
Click on "Go to Apply Online
Select "Returning Resident Housing Application 2014-2015"
Please review the "Housing Agreement"
Click "Agree".  If you click "do not agree" you will not be able to complete the process.
Click "Next"
Complete the "Personal Preferences
Click "Continue"
You may select a "Dining Plan" for the Fall 2014 semester.
Click "Continue"
Your housing application is now complete.  You should receive an automated confirmation email.  You may revisit the application, if needed, to make revisions.
The housing selection process will take place in a series of phases, outlined below:


Phase 1 (rising Seniors-'15 and rising Juniors-'16 only)

The first phase of room selection will allow students already living within the College Row, College Hill or James Street Properties (JSP) to renew leases for next year.  These individuals will be contacted with details on how to renew leases and the various deadlines for renewal.  Students who resided in the College Row, College Hill or James Street Property (JSP) in the fall and are now studying abroad this spring will be given priority to reserve a non-specific bedroom in the College Row, College Hill or JSP facility they lived in during the fall.   

In addition, those who decide to stay in College Row, College Hill or James Street Properties for next year MUST fill their apartments/units with rising seniors or juniors of their choosing as space permits (Note: this is a condition of lease renewal.  Students MUST fill apartments with eligible students in order to renew their lease).  We expect this phase of room selection to be completed by the end of February/early March. Remaining available apartments in College Row, College Hill and James Street Properties after this phase of room selection will be offered to rising seniors and juniors through a lottery-driven room registration system described below (Phase 3). 


Phase 2 (rising Seniors-'15 and rising Juniors-'16)

The next phase of the process will be for rising seniors and juniors who wish to live in one of the College Theme House options.  Students that wish to apply for beds in these locations will have an opportunity to do so prior to the general room selection lottery system. Please visit to view the 2014-2015 theme house offerings.  Also during this phase, rising sophomores that wish to be considered for on campus theme housing (Dietz Hall/Quiet Living) will be permitted to apply.  Rising sophomores will not be considered for off campus theme housing to include the Sustainability House or the Arts House.   

Concurrent with this phase, we will also be working with the Greek organizations that have bed spaces available to determine which students (rising seniors or juniors only) will be residing in those spaces for next year. 


Phase 3 (rising Seniors-'15 and rising Juniors-'16 only) 

The third phase of room selection will be an online room selection system.  All rising seniors and juniors who have not already procured a bed in one of the earlier phases will be assigned a random lottery number (rising seniors will have a higher priority than rising juniors).  The online system will then allow students to select a room in order of lottery number from the menu of approved housing options.  Students will be able to select from available spaces in the College Houses, Theme Houses, College Hill Apartments, College Row Apartments, West James Street Apartments and the James Street Properties (JSP).  Students participating in this phase MUST "pull in" other rising seniors or juniors to fill out a given room, apartment, or JSP unit (note: this is a requirement for choosing an apartment via the lottery. Students MUST completely fill apartments with eligible students).  Students will, in the alternative, have the option of placing their name on a wait list for a space if that space is no longer available by the time they register.  We anticipate this phase will take place in early April. 


Phase 4 (rising Sophomores-'17 only) 

The next phase of the room selection process will be a lottery for rising Sophomores.  More information will be available in the coming weeks regarding the Sophomore lottery phase. This final phase will take place in mid April.


Important Note (rising Seniors-'15 and rising Juniors-'16 only)

Please be aware that all students choosing to reside in College Row, College Hill, West James Apartments or the JSP Houses, MUST fill their apartments with eligible students when they make their choice.  Please remember that the requirement that you fill your apartment applies also to those who are renewing leases.  For example, if you renew your lease in College Row, but some of your current apartment-mates do not, you MUST fill their places with other eligible students (members of the Class of 2015 or 2016).


Summary (all students)

Students will select housing options in phases, beginning with lease renewals in College Row, College Hill, and JSP, followed by Theme House applications, the general lottery for rising Juniors and Seniors, and the House lotteries for rising Sophomores.  Students, if renewing a lease or choosing College Row, College Hill, or JSP, MUST fill their chosen apartment or unit with eligible students.  Students will be able to join wait lists for options that are full at the time they choose housing. 

Finally, we'll continue to keep everyone updated and do our best to provide everything necessary for you to make informed decisions about your college housing for next year. Please visit for more information and a housing cost comparison chart.

As we go through the selection process this spring, please know that we will continue to do our very best to make sure this entire process is as fair and equitable as it can possibly be.