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James Street Property (JSP) & College owned West James Apartment Information

West James Apartments are College owned and located at the corner of W. James and N. Pine Streets

All West James Apartments are fully furnished.  The bedrooms contain twin XL beds, a desk, a chair, 4 drawer dresser and a wardrobe.  Each apartment has its own private bathroom, a kitchen and common room.  In this location all utilities, including basic cable and wireless internet are included in the $4,210 per student per semester pricing.

West James Apartments #1, #2 and #9 are single person apartments.  Apt #4 is set up as a double bedroom with common spaces.  Apt #5 contains two separate bedrooms and common space.  Apt #6 is a double bedroom with common spaces. Apt #7 is a double bedroom with common spaces.  Apt #8 has two single bedrooms.  Apt #10 can be set up as two single bedrooms, if desired.  Apt #11 contains three single bedrooms.