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Make Sure You Are Qualified to Participate in Room Draw

Do you qualify?

Please read and understand these conditions for participating in Room Selection. These exist in order to make the process manageable for our staff and fair for all students.  We want to assist if you have any questions, please contact Lori Foust at (717) 358-4438 or

  • We want you to explore every option with Room Selection.  However, if you decide to live off campus in college approved housing after submitting a signed Housing and Food Services contract, then you will be held to the terms and costs specified by the College as if you were still living on campus.  Appeals to break a contract rarely are granted. Starting with class of 2009, all students will be required to live in housing approved by the College.

  • Your account must be in order for you to choose a room assignment.  Please check with the Business Office to ensure that your account is in order.  Call the Business Office at 291-4213.  The Business Office staff is happy to assist with your account information!

  • If you do not pay your own tuition: please do not assume your account is in order.  Check with your parents, bank, scholarship, etc. to confirm all payments have been made.  Sometimes students do not realize their parents or bank may have neglected to make a payment.

  • All students who attend F&M can participate in Room Selection.  Preference is given to full time students.   If a part time student picks a room assignment, and there are students on the wish list who are full time students, then that part time student may lose his/her room if the others on the wish list do not get placed within a reasonable amount of time.

  • If you register for a suite or apartment, all of the roommates in your group must be qualified to participate in room selection in order for your group to pick an assignment.

  • We encourage you to explore all available housing options, however you will be faced with making decisions and sticking to them.  If you sign up with an apartment, and you decide to withdraw from it (and opt for another room), then your group will forfeit their status in the lottery.  This is only fair to the other “fully intact” groups that are on the wish list for apartments.

  • Students who are sure their destination is F&M campus housing for Fall 2013 are welcome to participate in Room Selection.  If you think you may go abroad or transfer, then please allow other students who are certain they need housing to pick their rooms during Room Selection.  You can contact the Office of College House Administration at any time if your plans have changed and you seek College housing.

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