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Room Draw Instructions

The electronic lottery phase of the 2014-2015 room selection process, conducted through the new MyHousing online system, will take place in April.  This system will allow students in the Classes of 2016 and 2015 to enter their room selection for next year electronically in order of lottery number priority at any time after their assigned times. 

Once lottery numbers are issued students will be able to sign into MyHousing to see their current and future housing arrangements (if applicable), check their lottery participation times, select roommates, and see what housing options are available in the lottery for their group size.  As you create a housing group by selecting roommates, the system will show you the housing options that are available for your particular group size.  For example, if you are planning on living with three other students and have requested them as roommates and had them request you, the MyHousing system will show you available housing options for four students.  If you drop a roommate and become a group of three, the system will show you options for a group of three, etc.  Until you add roommates, the system will only show you options for single residents (i.e. you are a "group" of one).

To access the lottery website (MyHousing): 

(1) Click on the link:

(2) Enter your F&M username and password.

(3) Choose "Go To MyHousing"

(4) Use the "Room Selection" tab to request roommates, see your lottery information, and participate in room selection (at your designated time)

Pulling in Roommates

All apartments, suites, and rooms must be filled with eligible students (students participating in the lottery) when they are selected, so make sure you have authorized your roommates in advance.  When it is your time to choose housing you can pull roommates into your apartment, suite, or room (or they can pull you in if they have the more recent participation time) if you have requested each other as roommates.  NOTE THAT ROOMMATE REQUESTS MUST BE MUTUAL, SO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE REQUESTED EACH OTHER AND HAVE ACCEPTED EACH OTHER'S REQUESTS.  This step must be completed prior to your room selection time.  

To request someone as a roommate:

(1)  Sign into MyHousing (see above).

(2)  Go to the "Room Selection" tab and choose "Roommate Selection".

(3)  Choose "Fall 2014" from the drop down menu and click "Continue".

(4)  Find your intended roommate and submit the request.

(5)  Make sure your intended roommate(s) sends you a similar request (roommate requests must be mutual) and make sure you accept these requests.

(6)  Make sure you follow this process for all of your intended roommates.

What if I Can't Make My Time?

Students are expected to participate in the online room selection process at their randomly determined time.  We recognize, however, that there will be very limited circumstances in which a student is unable to participate for legitimate reasons.  Please understand that "inconvenience" is not a legitimate reason.  Legitimate reasons are those that definitively prevent you from participating because of an academic commitment, a varsity athletics commitment, or some other exceptional circumstance that prevents you from participating.

If there is a legitimate reason you cannot participate in the online room selection process at your appointed time, please contact Lori Foust at and explain the specific reason you cannot participate and the number of people in your housing group.

Is There a Waitlist?

If there are limited options when it is your time to participate in room selection, please choose from the available options.  You may also put your name on a waitlist for other options by contacting Lori Foust ().  Please be specific about what your preferred options are.  While we can't promise that you will get a spot in your preferred housing options, as spots become available we will work from the waitlist in lottery number order to move students into their preferred options.  

Important Advice

Make sure that you have a Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C for housing and make sure that you have discussed your plans with everyone involved.  If you are planning on living with three other students, make sure you have a plan in case there are no more four-person units available when it is time for you to choose.  How will the four-person group break up and who will live with who?  This is important and must be discussed in advance.

Who do I contact?

If you have questions, please contact Lori Foust ().