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Theme Houses

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All enrolled students for Fall of 2014 should click on "My Housing" to complete the Returning Resident Housing Application for 2014-2015.  This application is needed in addition to the Theme House Applicaton.

Each year the theme house offerings will be evaluated by the Office of the Dean of the College to determine if they will continue into the next academic year. Students in each theme house will be asked to present documentation that supports the house mission for that academic year through programming, events, etc. 

Juniors and seniors are eligible to live in themed housing and are given housing priority.  If bed spaces are still available after the junior/senior lottery they may be offered to eligible sophomore students.

The housing term is the same as on campus residence hall dates (9 months).  All utilities in theme house locations are included in the semester pricing. 

Spring 2014 move out info -

Move out is Sunday, May 4, 2014.  If you are a graduating senior the move out date is Monday, May 12, 2014 at noon. 

The Theme House offerings for 2014-2015 are:

Dietz Hall Quiet Living

Quiet Living housing provides a space for students who want such an environment or lifestyle and wish to build community with others like themselves. Quiet Living will be available in Dietz, which has both single and double rooms.  Quiet Living is an environment where students are committed to an appropriate and respectful amount of noise that is conducive to studying and a calm environment. Noise should be always be contained within your room.  Dietz Hall is conveniently located on campus next to Hartman green. All beds in Dietz Hall are twin XL beds.  There are single rooms and double rooms in this building.  Priority will be given to junior and senior students. Sophomores will be offered any available spaces after the junior/senior lottery.  All utilities are included in the semester pricing.

Arts House

The Arts House is a living and learning community dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the fine arts through workshops, showcases, performances and other methods of artistic expression. The Arts house strives to provide a welcoming environment for the academic and non-academic artists of Franklin and Marshall. Through the universal language of performance we seek to foster a true celebration of all forms of artistic expression for our larger communities and ourselves and to create an artistic experience unique from the classroom. The aim of the Arts House is to not only create a non-academic artistic community but to also facilitate the exchange of different forms of artistic expression amongst our residents and our campus community.  The location is 602/604 W. James.  There are six single bedrooms (one bedroom will be occupied by the housing coordinator) in 602 W. James.  There are seven additional single bedrooms in 604 W. James.  All beds in the Arts House (602 and 604 W. James) are full sized beds.  All utilities are included in the semester pricing.  Priority will be given to junior and senior students.

Students choosing to live in the Arts House will be required to provide proof of renters insurance prior to moving in August 29, 2014 as this is a JSP portfolio property.

Students living in the Arts house (JSP) will be billed a $500 security deposit for potential damages to the bedroom/unit. 


Sustainability House

The Sustainability House will serve as an example of low-impact living in the quest for carbon neutrality. The members of the House aim to promote sustainable initiatives on the Franklin & Marshall College campus and to reach out to the surrounding Lancaster city area through education and community service. As leaders in our communities, we will prove sustainable living and responsible consumption is both feasible and necessary.  Located at 550-552 W. James Street, there are 13 single and 5 double rooms. All rooms have twin XL beds.  All utilities are included in the semester pricing.  Priority will be given to junior and senior students.

Wellness/Substance Free House

Students wish to reside in a substance free housing environment.  Located at 548 W. James Street this healthy living option is available to junior and senior students that are willing to make a commitment to maintain a living environment free from tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.  To honor the rights of those who have selected this living environment, these expectations also apply to guests visiting the house. There are double and single rooms available and all rooms have twin XL beds.

The West James Apartments will not be offered as a theme house option for 2014-2015.  The apartments will be offered in the junior/senior lottery.

Special Interest Housing is also available to students who participate in the following groups.  Membership and junior/senior status will determine housing eligibility.  

Proof of renters insurance will be required in the Community Service, Human Rights Initiative and Leadership Houses below as properties are part of the JSP portfolio.  Students in 611 College Avenue are encouraged to purchase renters insurance but are not required.

Community Service House located on W. James Street - 12 month lease agreement plus shared cost in the utilities.  A $500 security deposit is collected at the start of the lease term.

Human Rights Initiative House located at 510 W. James Street - 12 month lease agreement plus shared cost in the utilities.  A $500 security deposit is collected at the start of the lease term.

Leadership House located at 602 N. Pine Street - 12 month lease agreement plus shared cost in the utilities.  A $500 security deposit is collected at the start of the lease term.

Harbaugh Club located at 611 College Avenue - 9 month occupancy and all utilities are included in the semester pricing.  Students that wish to live at this location are required to sign a substance free resident agreement.

Theme House applications will be accepted through Friday, February 28, 2014 at 4:30 p.m.

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