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Family Illness Days for Full-time Non-exempt Personnel


Each full-time, non-exempt staff member is eligible to take up to three (3) days of paid leave per fiscal year, in the event he/she must care for an ill family member and doing so prevents the staff member from coming to work. Non-exempt employees are those who complete time sheets.

For purposes of this policy, eligible family members include the staff member's spouse or same-sex domestic partner, child, mother, father, step or foster parent, step or foster child, mother-in-law, and father-in-law. Other family members who live with the employee and for whom the employee regularly provides care are also eligible.


Non-exempt employees are eligible for this benefit immediately upon appointment to a full-time position. Upon hire, a full-time employee may take up to 3 paid Family Illness Days by June 30. As of the July 1 following the date of hire, a full-time employee is eligible to use 3 paid Family Illness Days per fiscal year, in the event a bona-fide family illness keeps him/her from being able to work. Family Illness Days may be taken in as little as half-day increments. Note: Eligibility for Family Illness time is tracked in hours. If a staff member has less than a half-day worth of paid Family Illness hours left near the end of a fiscal year, he/she may take paid time off in less than a half-day increment if necessary to care for a family member.

Whenever possible, employees should arrange any necessary time off due to family illness in advance with their supervisor.

Family Illness Days may not be carried over from year to year, pay is not granted in lieu of using Family Illness Days, and there is no payment for unused Family Illness Days when employment terminates.

Please note: The Paid Sick Leave Policy for Professional Staff ( applies in the event an employee's own illness prevents him/her from reporting to work. Please also see the Family & Medical Leave Policy ( if time away from work is necessary due to the employee's serious health condition, or to care for a parent, dependent child, or spouse with a serious health condition.

Family Illness Days for Full-time, Non-exempt Public Safety Personnel— Public Safety Officers and Dispatchers who routinely are scheduled to work 12 hours per day receive 24 hours of paid Family Illness time per fiscal year (3 days X 8 hours per day). Public Safety personnel may use paid Family Illness time in 12 hour increments, and will be paid for 12 hours. The 12 hours will be deducted from their total allotment of paid Family Illness hours for the fiscal year. If an Officer or Dispatcher uses a Family Illness Day on a day when he/she is scheduled to work 4 hours, the individual will be paid for 4 hours and 4 hours will be deducted from the total allotment of Family Illness time.

Policy Maintained by: Human Resources, Director

Last Reviewed: August 12, 2014