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Health and Wellness Programs

Fitness and Recreation Activities--The office of Athletics & Recreation coordinates various fitness classes, intramural sports programs for students, faculty, and professional staff, and other recreation activities on campus. Personal fitness trainers are also available (a fee is charged). For information, please call 717-358-4711 or visit

Fitness Facilities-- Franklin & Marshall employees, College retirees, and immediate family members may use College athletic facilities at no charge. Please see Athletic Facilities for details.

Campus Wellness Committee-- The College's Wellness Committee sponsors various health and wellness-related activities, including information sessions and a walking challenge. Visit the Wellness Committee's website for details.

Highmark Blue Shield Programs

Health and Wellness Resources-- The Highmark website - - includes links to nutrition, fitness, and other health-related articles and resources.

Health and Wellness Classes-- Highmark offers health plan participants access to online classes and publically-held classes.  Visit for details.

Discounts-- Discounts are available to Highmark health plan participants for fitness center memberships and classes.  See for information.

Health Screenings-- Those covered through the College's health plan receive coverage  for health screening tests.  See your Benefits Booklet, available in the Human Resources public folder in eDisk, for more information.


The College offers “ConnectCare3”, a voluntary and confidential patient health care advocate service.  ConnectCare3 is available at no cost to Highmark health plan participants.  ConnectCare3 employs registered nurses who are available to provide information, assistance, and support when a College health plan participant or his/her covered family member needs healthcare services.  Highmark health plan participants may contact ConnectCare3, at (877) 223-2350, for more information.

Cigna Resources    (eff. 7/1/2013)

Cigna, the administrator of the College's Employee Assistance Program (E.A.P.), provides various wellness resources at

Lancaster General Health Public Programs

Lancaster General Health offers many public workshops and educational sessions on topics such as first aid, smoking cessation, diabetes education, heart health, weight loss, prenatal care / preparing for a new baby, and stress reduction.  Lancaster General also coordinates a number of support groups.  For information, contact Lancaster General at (800) 341-2121 or

Lancaster YMCA

Franklin & Marshall participates in the Lancaster YMCA's Healthy Workplace Program.  Through the Healthy Workplace Program, faculty and professional staff of Franklin & Marshall are eligible to receive discounts on adult and family YMCA memberships, both at the Lancaster City Y and the Lampeter-Strasburg branch. 

Faculty and staff may visit a Lancaster YMCA branch and show their valid F&M ID card in order to receive a membership discount.

Lancaster YMCA members enjoy access to fitness facilities and equipment; indoor and outdoor pools; indoor and outdoor tracks; a steam room, sauna, and whirlpool; and a variety of fitness classes and recreation activities for all ages.  The Y currently operates a summer day camp / daycare program for school children. 

Please visit for more information about the Lancaster YMCA and becoming a member.