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Paid Personal Days for Full-time Non-exempt Professional Staff


Full-time, non-exempt employees are eligible for paid personal days as outlined below. Non-exempt employees are those who complete time sheets.


Full-time, non-exempt members of the professional staff may take paid personal days as follows:

immediately upon hire  2 days per fiscal year
(July 1 through June 30)
following completion of 2 years of full-time employment  3 days per fiscal year
upon completion of 15 years of full-time employment 4 days per fiscal year

As a general rule, staff are required to schedule personal days with a minimum of two days advance notice and at a time which is agreeable to their supervisor. Personal days may be taken in as little as half-day increments. Note: Eligibility for paid time off is tracked in hours. If a staff member has less than a half-day worth of paid personal hours left near the end of a fiscal year, he/she may take paid time off in less than a half-day increment.

As of employment years 2 and 15, additional personal days, per the schedule above, may be taken effective the July 1 of the fiscal year in which an employee's full-time College anniversary date falls (i.e., effective the July 1 immediately prior to the College anniversary date).

Personal days may not be carried over from year-to-year, pay is not granted in lieu of taking personal days, and there is no payment for unused personal days at employment termination.

Personal Days for Full-time, Non-exempt Public Safety Personnel— Public Safety Officers and Dispatchers who routinely are scheduled to work 12 hours per day receive the equivalent of 8 hours of paid time for each day listed in the schedule above. For example, an Officer receives 16 hours of paid personal time per fiscal year, immediately upon employment (2 days X 8 hours per day). Public Safety personnel may use paid personal time in 12 hour increments, and will be paid for 12 hours. The 12 hours will be deducted from their total allotment of paid hours for the fiscal year. If an Officer or Dispatcher uses a personal day on a day when he/she is scheduled to work 4 hours, the individual will be paid for 4 hours and 4 hours will be deducted from the total allotment of paid personal time.

Policy Maintained by: Human Resources, Director

Last Reviewed: August 12, 2014