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Welcoming Program for Professional Staff

The Welcoming Program is designed to help new members of the campus community feel welcomed and at home during their first few weeks at Franklin & Marshall.

Through this informal program, each newly appointed member of the professional staff will have the opportunity to meet with a current staff member. The current staff member will help welcome the newly hired staff member by taking him/her on a campus tour; meeting for coffee or lunch; providing introductions to other colleagues; answering general questions about the College; and/or attending some campus events together. Current staff members serve as positive role models for new staff members, reinforcing standard College policies and positive work practices.


Human Resources will coordinate matching a more experienced staff member who has volunteered to serve in this capacity with each newly hired staff member. When a member of the professional staff is hired, the individual will be informed by Human Resources that a current staff member will reach out to him/her. Newly hired members of the staff are encouraged to meet with the current staff member who is assigned, but are not required to do so.

A current staff member will help the newly appointed staff member feel welcomed by:

• Taking him/her on a tour of campus,

• Taking him/her for coffee or lunch,

• Introducing the newly hired staff member to colleagues around campus,

• Taking the newly hired staff member to obtain his/her College ID, if requested,

• Joining the newly appointed staff member at a few campus events, to help him/her feel more comfortable,

• Being available by phone or email to answer general questions about the campus community, and/or

• Providing general guidance about College practices and the campus culture.

Current members of the professional staff who would like to help welcome new members to the College community should notify the Associate Director, Human Resources. Such individuals will devote a few hours during a newly appointed staff members first few weeks at Franklin & Marshall to help him/her feel welcome, to help answer questions, and to provide informal guidance.

Supervisors should see New Employee Orientation for information on conducting a thorough orientation with newly hired staff members.