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Workers' Compensation Notice (Summary) and Injury Reporting Requirements

For faculty,  professional staff,  and student employees

Workers' Compensation is designed to provide wage loss benefits and reimbursement for reasonable medical care expenses to employees, including student workers, who are injured, or become ill, through the course of their employment. The information below provides a summary of Workers' Compensation benefits and procedures. Please see the Injury Report Form for Work-related Injury or Illness and Workers' Compensation Notice for details and information regarding your rights and obligations under the law.

Notification of a Work-related Injury or Illness

If a member of the faculty or professional staff, or a student employee, is injured while performing his/her job duties, or suffers an injury or illness as a result of the workplace or tasks that the individual must perform, he/she must:

(1) report the injury to his/her supervisor and to Human Resources, (717) 291-3996, no later than within 24 hours of the injury or onset of illness whenever possible,

(2) complete an Injury Report Form no later than within 24 hours of the injury whenever possible, have it signed by the supervisor, and submit it to Human Resources, College Square, and

(3) read and sign a Workers' Compensation Notice, and send the original with signature to Human Resources.

If the injured / ill employee is unable to report the injury and complete an Injury Report Form due to the injury, the employee's supervisor must contact Human Resources and must complete the form to the best of his/her ability on behalf of the injured employee.

Student workers injured while performing work for wages for the College must report injuries to Human Resources (291-3996) and to their supervisor, and must complete an Injury Report Form.

If an employee or student worker is absent from work for a full day or shift due to a work-related injury or illness, the employee is required to notify Human Resources (291-3996) on the first day he/she is absent from work.

Medical Treatment Following a Work-related Injury or Illness

The College has selected a panel of physicians and other health care providers who are available to treat work-related injuries and illness.  In order to assure payment through Workers' Compensation insurance, care must be received from a health care provider on the College's list during the first 90 days of treatment.  An employee may receive treatment, during the first 90 days, from a health care provider not on the College's list if referred by a provider who is on the list.  

In a medical emergency, an employee should be transported immediately to a hospital emergency room for treatment, or may seek immediate treatment from a health care provider of his/her choosing.  In a medical emergency, the individual should be transported by ambulance.  The employee must be seen by one of the health care providers on the College's list following the emergency, in order for medical expenses to be covered.

Workers' Compensation Benefits

Benefits are provided to employees who incur injuries or illness arising from, and in the course of, their employment with Franklin & Marshall. In the event of a compensable work-related injury or illness, employees are entitled to reimbursement for reasonable and necessary surgical and medical services and supplies, and orthopedic appliances and prosthesis, including training in their use. If lost work time, or modified work duty, is necessary, wage loss benefits will be provided in accordance with PA Workers' Compensation laws. Such benefits are not intended to replace full salary.  An employee may not use paid sick days and/or paid vacation days on any day(s) he/she receives wages per the Workers' Compensation Act.  However, an employee may use earned paid sick days or vacation days during any "waiting week" when Workers' Compensation wage-loss benefits are not paid. Any wages received from the College will be credited against wage-loss benefits if Workers' Compensation benefits become payable.

Unpaid Family & Medical Leave, if applicable, will run concurrently with any necessary, approved time away from work due to a compensable injury or illness (as noted above, wage loss benefits will be provided based on the Workers' Compensation Act).  Fringe benefits coverage will be provided per the Family and Medical Leave Policy.

Modified Work Duties

When applicable, the College will strive to provide modified work duties, on a temporary basis, to an employee who has experienced an occupational injury or illness. The College reserves the right to temporarily transfer an employee to another office or department on campus in order to provide productive modified-duty work. When determining the type of work the employee can perform, the College will rely on instructions from the employee’s health care provider, as well as the employee’s experience and abilities. An employee performing modified duties will generally receive his/her normal base wages, if working the same number of hours and days per week as prior to the injury or onset of illness. Wages will be prorated if working less than a full schedule, but will be no less than what is required per the PA Workers’ Compensation Act.  Modified duties will typically be provided for up to a 3 month period. 

Please see the Injury Report Form for Work-related Injury or Illness and Workers' Compensation Notice for details and information regarding your rights and obligations under the law.

Policy Maintained by: Human Resources, Director

Last Reviewed: August 12, 2014