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Kathy Couch

For 17 years, Kathy Couch has been designing and creating visual landscapes in performance and installation works. Primarily working in the mediums of light and space, Couch has designed over 350 performances in New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Australia, Armenia, Russia, Latvia, Serbia and throughout the United States. Creating installations and designs for a variety of traditional and non-traditional spaces, Couch’s artistic practice focuses on the vital role of the audience/viewer as active contributors to the work. Kathy Couch has recent and ongoing performance collaborations with a canary torsi/Yanira Castro, Adele Myers and Dancers, Karinne Keithly Syers, Katherine Ferrier, and The Architects. She received a 2009 Bessie Award for her work with a canary torsi/Yanira Castro on Dark Horse/Black Forest and a 2013 Bessie Nomination for their 4-hour interactive performance installation—The People To Come. In Fall 2013, the archive component of The People To Come was featured in the exhibition Performance Archiving Performance, at the New Museum in New York. Kathy Couch currently teaches Lighting Design at Amherst College and recently developed the movement/writing workshop ::Through-Lines:: in collaboration with Katherine Ferrier. Couch received her MFA in Visual Arts from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. She is a founding board member of the Northampton Community Arts Trust that seeks innovative ways to preserve arts space in Northampton, MA.

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