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Academic Advising

Your academic adviser

Each incoming student is assigned an individual academic faculty adviser.  Often, this adviser is the faculty member who teaches the first-year seminar and is affiliated with the student's College House.

Peer academic advisers

In the College's House System, House Advisors play an important role in working with students the first two years of their college experience.  Under the guidance of House Dons and House Prefects, they assist students so that they can make informed decisions and locate information related to academic programs.  In addition, they make sure students are aware of academic requirements, academic resources, and the curriculum.  House Advisors also help students prepare for their individual meetings with their advisers. 

When will I find out about my academic adviser?

Your first meeting with your academic adviser will take place during New Student Orientation in August. At that time you will have an opportunity to review your schedule and become acquainted. This adviser will be able to assist you in making academic decisions and course selections during the first part of your F&M experience. When you declare a major during your sophomore year, you will be assigned an adviser from that academic department.

You will also receive academic advising during the Beginnings program, which includes an individual meeting with an academic adviser who will assist you in making course requests for the Fall Semester. It is very unlikely this individual will be your "official" academic adviser when you arrive in the fall.

NOTE: If you are unable to attend Beginnings, an academic adviser will contact you to discuss your course choices and to answer any questions you have.