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About 3/2 Engineering

What if I am interested in engineering?

Franklin & Marshall students may participate in combined degree engineering programs with Case Western Reserve University, Columbia University, Penn State University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, or Washington University (St. Louis). Several program options are available. These options include a 3/2 Program (three years at Franklin & Marshall followed by two years at one of the above-named institutions) and a 4/2 Program. Students interested in engineering generally major in physics; it is certainly possible, however to major in chemistry and go on to study chemical engineering.  Interested students generally take either physics and/or chemistry along with calculus during the first semester. At the end of the 5 or 6 years, students have earned two degrees a BA from F&M and a BS from the engineering school. Dr. Linda Fritz of the Department of Physics advises pre-engineering students.  If you are interested in this program, it is highly recommended that you contact Professor Fritz as early as possible in your academic program, preferably during the summer prior to your attending F&M.  She can be reached at.

More information about engineering can be found at the 3/2 Engineering Program at Franklin and Marshall webpage