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About Connections 1 Seminars & The Writing Requirement

How and when do I satisfy the Writing Requirement?

Students meet this requirement by passing a First-Year Connections 1 Seminar.

You must complete the Writing Requirement by the end of your first year. Most students will take a course that meets the Writing Requirement during the first semester.

What is a Connections 1 Seminar?

Connections 1 Seminars are courses that integrate the academic and residential life of the participants. All these seminars satisfy the College's Writing Requirement. Committed to a discussion format, the seminars also emphasize critical thinking, critical reading and becoming familiar with learning resources on campus.

Several other features characterize the Connections 1 Seminars. Each class is limited to 16 students. When you are enrolled in a Connections 1 Seminar, you will live together with your classmates on the same or adjacent residence hall floors. The seminar professor often serves as your academic adviser. An upper-class student, called a preceptor, assists the faculty member in teaching the course and serves as an additional resource.