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North & South Ben Franklin Hall

North Ben Franklin is one of the largest residence halls on campus.  It can house approximately 205 students and is part of Ware College House.  Muhlenburg, Mull, Mull-Rauch, Rauch & Schaeffer are the floors that make up North Ben. 

South Ben Franklin can house about 202 student and is part of Bonchek College House.  Both first-year and upperclass students reside in Ben Franklin Hall.  Atlee, Dubbs, Dubbs-Klein, Klein & Kunkel are the floors that make up South Ben.

Each hall has a kitchen equipped with cabinets and a microwave, a study room and common lounge.  Each floor has a single gender bathroom, so you may have to walk a short distance to reach the appropriate bathroom.  There is also a central laundry room in each building.

North Ben Laundry Room

South Ben Laundry Room

The main dining hall, The Market Place, is situated between North and South Ben Franklin Halls.  The furniture is fixed and cannot be moved.  However, the rooms are a little bigger than in other halls.  Because all residence hall rooms are fully furnished, the College does not permit students to bring upholstered furniture to campus.

Room 15' x 12'
Window 49" high x 60" wide - with blinds
Closets 76.5" high x 48" wide x XX" depth
extra storage above closet 19" high x 48" wide
Electrical Outlets Two quadruple
Internet Outlets Two in each room
Bulletin Boards Two
Carpeted Varies - some carpeted/some tile
Furniture Fixed - cannot be moved
Air Conditioning Yes - all rooms are air conditioned
Mattress Size Extra long twin - 80" length x 36" wide
Space Under Bed 82.5" long x 10" high
Mirror Two in each room - 36" long x 24" high
Trash Can Yes - one trash can per student


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Side View of room

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