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Weis Hall

Weis Hall houses all first-years members of Weis College House as well as some sophomore, junior and senior members of the house.  All floors are co-ed and approximately 166 students are housed here.

The Weis College House Commons was renovated in 2011.  It has a large great room, seminar room, living room, and fully-equipped kitchen. The east and west wing on each floor has a small kitchen equipped with cabinets and a microwave. There is a hall lounge on each floor in the center of the building.  The central laundry room is the basement of the building.   Weis Laundry Room

The rooms in Weis have loftable furniture which can be moved around.  For instance, beds are designed so that they can be "lofted" on top of the dresser and closet (see pictures below).  Weis rooms consist of single, double, and 4 person suites.  The "A" room is a double, the "B" room is a single and the "C" room is a single.  Each suite has a furnished common room connecting the bedrooms.  Because all residence hall rooms are fully furnished, the College does not permit students to bring upholstered furniture to campus.

Double Rooms:

Window  Varies in size--Blinds are included
Electrical Outlets Two quadruple
Internet Outlets Two in each room
Bulletin Boards Two
Floor Varies - some carpet/some tile
Furniture Loftable
Air Conditioning Yes - all rooms are air conditioned
Mattress Size Extra long twin - 80" length x 36" wide
Space Under Bed 82.5" long x 10" high
Mirror One in each room - 36" long x 24" high
Trash Can Yes - one trash can per student


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