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Student Health Services

Throughout your college years, your physical and mental health should not be neglected.  Health Services at Franklin & Marshall College can assist you in maintaining your well-being.  Health Services consist of Appel Health Services, Counseling Services, Health Education and Wellness, and Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy. The information on these few pages is being presented to introduce you to these services.

Appel Health Services

Amy Myers, M.D. is the Director of Health Services, the Medical Director of Appel Health Services (AHS) and the Team Physician.  She is a board certified in Family Medicine with a Fellowship in Primary Care Sports Medicine.  Appel Health Services staff includes nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and a dietician.  The staff also works closely with Athletic Trainers for the sports teams and Sports Medicine consultants.  Every year at least 85 percent of the students use AHS.  A full range of services are available including treatment for acute and chronic illness, injury care, sports medicine, sexual health care, nutritional counseling, preventative medicine and health education.  Appel Health Services is located in Appel Infirmary on Hartman Green in the heart of the campus.

Counseling Services

Christine Conway, Ph.D. is the Director of  Counseling Services.  She is a licensed psychologist.  The staff includes licensed psychologists, Ph.D.-level counselors, an M.A.-level licensed professional counselor, and a consulting psychiatrist.  Every year approximately 20 percent of the student population meets with a psychologist in Counseling Services.  Longitudinal data indicate that about 40 percent of the students in a graduating class use the services.  Possible reasons for a visit include personal or relationship problems, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse, or academic concerns.  Counseling Services is located on the lower-level of the Appel Infirmary on Hartman Green in the heart of campus.

Health Education and Wellness

Jan Masland, C.R.N.P. coordinates the health education and wellness efforts on campus.  Student workers and student volunteers assist in this effort.  Issues addressed include healthy living, stress, sexual health, nutrition, exercise, and alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.  Jan also provides advocacy for victims of sexual misconduct.  The Office of Health Education and Wellness is located in the basement of Appel Infirmary.

Where to start?

You may wish to visit Appel Health Services' and Counseling Services' webpages for more background information.  These are also accessible from the menu to the left.

We ask that you complete the Appel Health Services History and Physical Forms that you can find HERE.  The forms can also be obtained by visiting the Medical Forms page upon logging into the New Student Forms website.

Our Challenge to you...

We challenge you in the coming years not to ignore your basic needs and not to be hesitant to ask for help when you need it. We also welcome your involvement in helping to create and maintain a healthy campus by your participation in campus committees and student groups addressing health related issues.

The links that appear to the left will bring you to the Appel Health Services and Counseling Services pages where you will find more information, including answers to common questions.