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Knowledge without borders

Staying put is not an option in today's world. Whether geographically or intellectually, we need to meet the challenges of an increasingly borderless world within and beyond our local, regional, and national communities.

The mission of the International Studies Program is to unite a cohort of students who, both individually and in collaboration, will broaden the experience of their various major programs as they develop an international perspective and immerse themselves in the language and culture of a non-English-speaking country. The program's internationally-focused curriculum prepares students for future study, careers and life in the increasingly unbordered community of the 21st century.

Add a global component to your major

Every subject can be enhanced by taking a multinational perspective. Recent graduates from the program include majors in economics, business, Spanish, French, government, anthropology, and environmental science, to name a few.

Design your own minor

Highly responsive to student demand, International Studies at F&M enables students to construct their own, individualized curriculum.

Working one-on-one with a faculty advisor, students construct an innovative, multidisciplinary minor tailored specifically to their personal, educational, career and life goals.

Students spend a semester or a year immersed in the language and culture of a non-English-speaking country. They complete an interdisciplinary senior project that focuses on a region or topic of their choosing.

On campus, they enjoy a wide array of activities: lectures, film series, visiting dignitaries, international dinners, clubs, and more.

Internationalize your understanding of the world

After graduation, our students have gone on to graduate programs both in the United States and abroad. They have taken jobs with non-profits and NGOs. Some have gone to law school, others to work on Wall Street.

All have brought a richer perspective to their personal and professional lives through the multinational point of view that International Studies fosters.