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From Nathaniel Smith

We have good news to report about international awards to recent graduates.

Fulbright. Of our 6 valiant Fulbright candidates in this year's competition, 2 won awards:

John Diffley '06 Jack won a Fulbright grant to teach English in Germany next year. Jack previously worked in Ireland, spent 4 weeks in Germany, studied for 2 semesters and traveled in Germany and 10 other countries, and spent another month there, so he sure had a good background.

Rachel Ward LaForgia '06 Rachel won a Fulbright grant to teach English in Spain next year. Rachel has spent 3 weeks volunteering in Guatemala, 3 more volunteering in Peru, a week in Mexico with a human rights delegation, a total of 8 weeks studying in Spain twice, and 10 days in Switzerland with an orchestra tour, so she has shown her adaptability and commitment to Spanish-speaking cultures.

Rotary Ambassador Awards for recent F&M alums:

Amanda Rader '01 After 2 years in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic, Amanda is in the Rotary's MA in Peace Studies program in Buenos Aires. Amanda was featured in our Spring 2005 NM Newsletter (link /x4726.xml)

Claire Kolb '01 Claire.has been awarded a 2006-07 Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship to the Centro Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighieri in Italy for 2006-07.

Rebecca Bergey '02 Rebecca won a Rotary Ambassadorial award in Peru in spring and fall ‘05 (while here, Becca studied in Argentina, won a Mayaud award to conduct research there, and was active in our student group fostering international themes).

Kelly Witkowski '03 Kelly won a Rotary Ambassador award to study in Belize, In Belize she has accumulated a diverse range of experiences, visiting a baboon sanctuary, a prison, a large new dam, and a zoo (on a special nocturnal tour). She has also participated in a number of community projects involving sustainability and education across generations, extending from tutoring primary pupils to an “Adopt a Grandparent” program. Yet she has found time for soccer practice, joined a softball team, and has even learned to drive stick shift. Next year she will go to the U. of Peace in Costa Rica to continue working toward her MA at the School of International Service, a unit of American University in DC.


F&M Summer ’06 Awards for Study and Travel Abroad:

You can read about past winners of these grants at the following site:

Art Study Award, Junior Year Established through the generosity of an Art Department alumnus, this award helps a studio art major to have a formal working or study experience. This summer it will enable Meredith Janeczek ‘07 to attend a ceramics workshop in Tuscany, Italy. The other winner is Paul Yoo ’07.

Margery Brittain Travel Award First given in 2005, this award enables students to improve their foreign language ability through travel and/or formal study abroad. The winner, Emily Ward ’07, will carry out study on the perceptual and cognitive abilities of capuchin monkeys with a Japanese team at Kyoto University while improving her fluency in Japanese, which she has studied for 7 years.

Harry L. Butler Award This award, honoring the late Professor Butler, provides funding for educational travel by high-achieving students of French. Timothy J. Brennan ’07 will use it in Strasbourg to research immigration in Europe, with specific reference to France, and how immigration affects the dynamics of cultural integration.

Departmental Sophomore Summer Foreign Travel Awards These awards are given to outstanding sophomores planning a major (or a minor in a program which has no major) in each of five departments. In Art, Olivia Leach-Krouse ’08 will research social critiques embodied in Keith Haring’s contemporary murals in Pisa, Barcelona, and Paris. In Classics, Jamie Brown ’08 will research images of goddesses associated with ancient temples in Greece. In French/Italian, Phuong Hoang ’08 will participate in the F&M Italian program in Vicchio del Mugello, Tuscany, Italy (link to description above). In Spanish, Laura B. Michaels ’08 will study Mexican art history through the CIEE program in Guanojuato, Mexico

Alice and Ray Drum British Isles Summer Travel Award This award went to Justin Hopkins '07, for observations of, and critical responses to, the year-long Royal Shakespeare Festival in England.

John Kryder Evans Summer Study Award This award honors the memory of Mr. Evans, a member of F&M's class of 1911 and Trustee of the College from 1940 to 1980. Winners must demonstrate quality of character, personal and intellectual promise, and an enthusiasm for learning from international experience; preference is given to projects that reflect ethical or social concerns. Belma Hakirevic ’06 will participate in the Internship Programme of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia project, in The Hague, Netherlands. William Sichel ’07 will participate in the Cross-Cultural Solutions program in Lima, Peru, to do a comparison of the situation of the elderly there and in the US.

John A. Griffin Award for Summer Travel to France Bestowed on the basis of “the best piece of creative work in French Literature at the third-year level,” the award this summer will allow Amanda Axsom ’07 to continue her research on the French author Alain Spiess in Paris.

Harry W. and Mary B. Huffnagle Endowment This award supports course work or research experience by biology and BFB majors and environmental studies minors at biological field stations in the U.S. or abroad. Through this award Caitlin Halligan ’07 will study how primates function in their environment through the La Suerte Biological Field Station in Costa Rica. Bryan Teschke ’07 will travel to Belize through the University of Georgia's Studies Abroad in the South Pacific and Caribbean program, to take courses in marine biology and sustainability of the natural environment.

Charles J. G. Mayaud Award Given in honor of the late Professor Mayaud, Professor of French and long-time chair of the department of French and Italian, this award requires winners to demonstrate quality of character, personal and intellectual promise, and an enthusiasm for learning from international experience. Elizabeth Argentieri ’06 will carry out a volunteer project in HIV/AIDS education and treatment with the Cross-Cultural Solutions program in Tanzania. Myrhia Brewer ’08 will volunteer with children in orphanages in Ghana through the Students Travel and Exposure South Africa program. Eren Gulfidan ’07 will research and make a documentary on the meaning of place in the streets of Paris. Caitlin Halligan ’07 will study how primates function in their environment through the La Suerte Biological Field Station in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Beverly Menghetti ’07 will work with a chemistry team studying the Reformatsky reaction at the University of Bologna, Italy. Lida Teneva ’06 will participate in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s program “Youth Encounter for Sustainability: The Challenge of a Sustainable World,” in Braunwald, Switzerland. Emily Ward ’07 will research, in a laboratory at Kyoto University, Japan, capuchin monkeys’ recognition of human and primate faces.

Paul A. Mueller, Jr., Summer Award This award enables rising juniors to pursue projects that foster personal growth, independence, creativity, leadership, and personal interests. Shehryar Sikander ’08 will observe and study the effectiveness of programs to assist victims of abject poverty in rural Malawi, through the Malawi Rural Finance Company. Sarah Whitman ’08 will study Afro-Caribbean culture and help teach English to local children through a Rutgers University program in Limón, Costa Rica.. Hannah Zimmermann ’08 will teach English to children and maintain the library for the Intercultura After School Program in Sámara, Costa Rica.

Franklin J. Schaffner Theatre Award This award is given in memory of the late Academy Award winning director of numerous movies, television programs, and plays, who graduated from F&M in 1942. Gregory Davies ’07 and Sarah Primak ’07 will carry out theater-related projects in England.

Peter and Irene Seadle German Summer Travel Award This award is given to a student not majoring in German but studying it past the elementary level in order to use it at F&M. This year’s winner, Lisa Hertz ’07,a history major, will take a course on “Germany Under Hitler’s Third Reich” at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, and conduct research in other locations in Germany.

David J. Zhu, Ph.D. ’86 Chinese Studies Summer Award This is the first year for this award, which allows a student to gain the broadening experience of a two-month stay in Shanghai, including instruction in Chinese language. The winner is Hsin-Jung (Natalie) Ho ‘07.