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From Patti Brown

In addition to the faculty-led overseas programs described below, this coming fall semester we will have 82 students studying in over 20 different countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin American, and the Middle East.

New Faculty-led Courses abroad! As part of the Franklin & Marshall internationalization initiative, a number of faculty have developed and are running overseas study programs. While we have had these in the past, there is a resurgence of those who are interested in taking students overseas. In addition to a range of summer travel courses, including our annual 5-week exchange with Tohoku Gakuin University in Sendai, Japan, we are running an F&M summer session at our campus in Bath, England for the second year in a row and, for the first time, Professor Kerry Whiteside will be directing a fall semester program for sophomores in Paris.

  • F&M Summer Session in Bath, England (July 16 – August 12): We are pleased to announce our second annual summer session in Bath, England, held on the site of the F&M owned Advanced Studies in England program. Students may enroll in one of two courses: Portraiture, Fashion, and Identity in Georgian Bath, taught by F&M Art Professor Amelia Rauser or Organizing in the 21st Century: Theories of Organization, taught by F&M Business Professor Trexler Proffitt.
  • F&M Summer Program in Italy (May 17 – June 22): This program in Italian in Vicchio del Mugello, Tuscany, is led and taught by F&M Professor Giovanna Faleschini Lerner and Visiting Professor Elena Past. The birthplace of Giotto, Vicchio is also the site of a major Etruscan archaeological excavation, sponsored by Franklin & Marshall, Southern Methodist University and the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Students who have completed Elementary Italian I and II will take both Intermediate Italian I and II over the course of the program; more advanced students can take advanced language courses or tutorials or engage in a faculty-supervised independent study. All students will participate in two weekend excursions as well as visit Rome from May 31 to June 5.
  • F&M Summer Program in Mexico (June 11 – July 5 in Mexico): Responding to the historic opportunity offered by recent dramatic political transformations in Latin America, Associate Professor of Latin American History, Eric Zolov, will lead a three-week course to Mexico this summer during an historic presidential election. While in Mexico, the group will interact with a broad spectrum of individuals and organizations-including grassroots activists, Non-Governmental Organizations, academics, and others-and thus engage in discussion and analysis regarding issues of significance.
  • F&M Semester in Paris (Fall 2006 semester): This full-semester, four course program led by F&M Professor Kerry Whiteside of the Government Department, is oriented towards next year's sophomores and juniors and designed for students who have completed one year of French language study (or have an equivalent level of competence). Students will learn about French culture, language and politics, in many cases through out-of-classroom visits to sites in Paris. Special opportunities to do research and to interact with French students and professionals will be arranged.