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More International News from Alumni

Lida Teneva '06 majored in Geosciences, where she received honors for her thesis on &ldquoMulti-Proxy Evaluation of Early Holocene Acropora cervicornis from the Enriquillo Valley, Dominican Republic: Implications for Local Climate Dynamics and Coral Biochemistry.&rdquo She participated in the Rethinking Globalization 2004-2005 International Honors Program through Boston University, which emphasized fieldwork in ecology, cultural anthropology, development economics and social movements in England, Tanzania, India, New Zealand and Mexico. See her report on that experience at

Renee Sanders '06 majored in Special Studies (Public Health) with a minor in Chemistry. She earned honors for her senior thesis on &ldquoEuthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide: The Dutch and Oregon Models&rdquo Mayaud Grant, Cape Town, South Africa, June 2005. Read about her experiences in South Africa through the Mayaud Travel Grant. [  Read more... ]

Jen Shaw '05 will be serving in the Peace Corps in Madagascar, where she will teach English and work with English teachers to improve their skills. She will set out for her new post on June 11 of this year and plans to keep a blog of her experiences. Check it out at

Lauren Carr '05 (5th year student 2005-6) majored in Anthropology at F&M and then took a fifth year to complete a Music major. During her years at F&M Lauren studied through the School for International Training in Bolivia, where, among other experiences, she actually met Evo Morales before his election, when he came to give a lecture at the SIT site. She urges us to keep on plugging Bolivia. You'll understand why, when you see some of the photos she submitted to us for this newsletter: [ View photos

Lauren Eby's '04 travels since graduation have taken her from the Ukraine to Bosnia-Herzegovina to the Netherlands, where, as of her last report, she has been working with Musicians Without Borders. Read more about this organization and to learn about a kind of music called "turbo-folk." [ Read More... ]

We invite other readers to send us your information so we may share it with the Nevonia Mundi community. And we hope you will come visit the John Joseph International Center when it opens this fall.