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Explore the world through the lens of Italy

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Few cultures can match the historic, artistic, and religious significance of Italy. For centuries, it was the veritable centerpiece of European civilization. Its language, cuisine, architecture and music have inspired thousands of cultures around the world.

Aside from gaining language expertise, the Franklin & Marshall Italian minor immerses students in Italian art, literature, cuisine, theatre, history and the culture of the Enlightenment through their course work and activities, including the student-run Italian club.

Students have several opportunities to travel to Italy for study abroad, internships, or other applied language opportunities. Coordinated study programs are available in locations throughout Italy.

Recent student activities abroad have included studying the lifestyle of local fishermen in a picturesque coastal town and examining the influence of patron saints on the personalities of Italian towns and villages.

Each year, we bring in a visiting teaching assistant from Milan who meets regularly with small groups of students.

We feature small classes with a friendly, interactive atmosphere. Each semester there are many opportunities for socializing and gathering outside of class, including informal conversation hours, dinners, receptions, picnics and films.


The Pope and Mussolini - A lecture by David Kertzer (Brown University)

Monday, April 7, 2014 at 4:30pm in the Lisa Bonchek Adams Auditorium

Book signing and reception to follow in the Great Room of Ware College House.

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  • Placement Exam
  • Franklin & Marshall offers placement exams in any of the languages that we teach at the College.