Explore the world through the lens of Italy

Few cultures can match the historic, artistic, and religious significance of Italy. For centuries, it was the veritable centerpiece of European civilization. Its language, cuisine, architecture and music have inspired thousands of cultures around the world.

Aside from gaining language expertise, the Franklin & Marshall Italian minor immerses students in Italian art, literature, cuisine, theatre, history and culture through their course work and activities, including the student-run Italian Club.

Students have several opportunities to travel to Italy for study abroad, internships, or other applied language opportunities. Coordinated study programs are available in locations throughout Italy.  The department offers its own faculty-led intensive language summer program in Tuscany.

Recent student activities abroad have included studying the lifestyle of local fishermen in a picturesque coastal town and examining the influence of patron saints on the personalities of Italian towns and villages.

We feature small classes with a friendly, interactive atmosphere. Each semester there are many opportunities for socializing and gathering outside of class, including lectures, informal conversation hours, dinners, receptions, picnics and films.

Study Abroad


F&M in Tuscany

F&M's Italian Summer Program in Vicchio del Mugello, Tuscany, offers six weeks of  full-immersion, intensive language-learning experience.  (Offered most years).

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Study Abroad in Italy

We encourage students to study abroad and to experience Italian culture and language first hand.  The point of departure should always be a conversation with an Italian professor about the program that best fits a student's interests.

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Summer Travel Award

Each year, the Department of Italian grants one Summer Travel Award to a sophomore who has declared an Italian minor and wants to pursue research or other learning opportunities in Italy.  

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Italian Club (Ciao Bella)

The student-run Italian Club organizes cultural activities in association with the Italian Department. Traditional activities include film screenings, Sunday dinners, a Bocce tournament and International Women's Day.  Join the Italian Club on Facebook.


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GKA National Italian Honor Society

Franklin & Marshall hosts a chapter of Gamma Kappa Alpha, the National Italian Honor Society.  

The purpose of GKA is to acknowledge superior academic performance in the field of Italian language, literature and culture.

Each year, outstanding students of Italian are invited to become member of the Society during an induction ceremony held on campus.  Criteria for membership conform to the standards of the national organization.

For more information, contact Professor Giovanna Faleschini Lerner.


News and Events


November 13
event 11/13/2015

“From MTV to cinema impegnato: Transmedia Encounters in La...

Ware College House Great Room

A seminar with Millicent Marcus, Yale University,...

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November 13
event 11/13/2015

Italian Cinema in the Present Tense

Lisa Bonchek Adams 200 Auditorium

“Intermediality in Women’s Cinema.”  A conversation and screening with Italian filmmaker...

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November 14
event 11/14/2015

Italian Cinema in the Present Tense: New Narrative Practices...

Ware College House Great Room

 A symposium co-sponsored by the Central Pennsylvania Consortium and the Departments of Italian and...

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Story 11/24/2014

Galileo Philosopher

Galileo is known and remembered for his Copernicanism, for his trial, and for his early experiments in physics, but his most important contribution, Professor Peterson argues, is to philosophy.  In...

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Story 11/24/2014

The Bishop and the Synagogue of Rome

When Franklin & Marshall Provost and Dean of the Faculty Ann Steiner introduced Professor Scott Lerner for his endowed chair lecture at Common Hour Nov. 15, she said Lerner "thinks big, bigger than...

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Story 11/21/2014

Giovanna Faleschini Lerner’s book, "Carlo Levi Visual...

“What does it mean for a painter to remain a visual artist even as a writer? Carlo Levi's Visual Poetics engages this question through a critical re-examination of one of the most influential Italian...

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