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Courses Offered

A list of regularly offered courses follows. The indication of when a course will be offered is based on the best projection of the department and can be subject to change.

Please note the key for the following abbreviations: (A) Arts; (H) Humanities; (S) Social Sciences; (N) Natural Sciences with Laboratory; (LS) Language Studies requirement; (NW) Non-Western Cultures requirement.

All courses are taught in Italian unless indicated otherwise.

101. Elementary Italian I. Every Fall

The aim of this course is to develop basic language skills in Italian, including speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing, with particular emphasis on communication. The course also provides an introduction to contemporary Italy and its artistic, literary, cinematic and culinary traditions.

102. Elementary Italian II. Every Spring.

Continuation of ITA 101. Prerequisite: ITA 101 or placement. G. Lerner, C. Pomponio

201. Intermediate Italian Language and Culture I. (LS) Every Fall

A continuation of the study of the Italian language, emphasizing speaking, listening, reading and writing. Combines comprehensive grammar review with more in-depth study of Italian culture, based on films, short stories, poems and songs. Prerequisite: ITA 102 or placement. A. Bertini-Jones

202. Intermediate Italian Language and Culture II. (LS) Every Spring

The continuation of ITA 201, this course further develops language skills with an increased emphasis on analytic thinking and writing, as well as oral communication. It completes the presentation of the principal grammatical structures begun in the previous semester while continuing the examination of Italian culture through literary texts, songs, and films. Prerequisite: ITA 201 or placement. G. Lerner

310. Introduction to Italian Literary Studies. (H) Fall 2013

An introduction to literary studies in Italian. Particular authors and themes will vary (Recently: the Italian detective novel, readings by Leonardo Sciascia and Carlo Lucarelli.) Complementary study of advanced Italian grammar. Prerequisite: ITA 202 or placement. S. Lerner

360. Italian Literary and Cultural Studies I: From the Risorgimento to the Present. (H) Spring 2014

Provides a broad overview of modern Italian culture and history and includes studies in the 20th- century short story (Verga, Pirandello, Calvino, Levi) and cinema (Visconti, Benigni, Giordana). Advanced study of spoken and written Italian and selected topics in grammar. Prerequisite: ITA 310 or placement. S. Lerner

366. Italian Cinema. (A)

Introduction to Italian film history, with an emphasis on the relationship between cinema and society and culture. May include influential auteurs (Visconti, De Sica, Antonioni, Pasolini, Fellini) and movements (Neorealism, cinema politico), as well as popular forms (commedia all’italiana), genre films, experimental filmmaking, and documentary. Taught in Italian. Prerequisite: ITA 310. Same as TDF 366. G. Lerner

371. Battle of the Sexes In Medieval and Renaissance Fall 2013

This course explores the historical and social underpinnings of medieval and Renaissance sexuality from religious, scientific, and literary perspectives. We will examine the relationship between the literary work and the body in authors such as Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio, and will consider how the emergence of the female poetic voice influences debates on gender and sexuality. C. Pomponio

391. Directed Reading.
410. Italian Literary and Cultural Studies II. (H) Spring 2014

Studies in classical Italian poetry and prose (authors have included Dante, Boccaccio, Manzoni, Collodi, Pirandello and D’Annunzio). Advanced spoken and written Italian, selected topics in grammar. Prerequisite: ITA 360. G. Lerner

490. Independent Study.