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F&M in Tuscany

Franklin & Marshall's Summer Program in Italian is located in Vicchio del Mugello, a small town in Tuscany 30 km north of Florence, to which it is well connected by train.The town's major claim to fame is that it was the birthplace of the painter Giotto, whose house can still be visited today.It is also the site of a major Etruscan archaelogical excavation, sponsored by Franklin & Marshall, Southern Methodist University and the University of Pennsylvania Museum.

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Program Dates and Description

The program is approximately 6 weeks long.  In summer 2015, it will begin on June 15.  Classes will end on July 23, 2015. All students have four hours of class instruction daily. They participate in weekend excursions organized by the program, but are encouraged to explore on their own on the free weekends. In Vicchio, students are able to spend free time visiting Florence, attending film screenings, and participating in sports, reading groups and other activities. In 2015, the program will include a trip to Naples, Pompeii and the Amalfi coast.  

The Academic Program

Intermediate Italian

“Contemporary Mugello” and “Florence”

Students at the second-year level take one 100-level and one 200-level language and cultural studies courses. They receive two regular F&M credits and letter grades for them, just as if the courses had been taken on the F&M campus. The prerequisite for these courses is satisfactory completion of Italian 102 or the equivalent, or placement at the 201-level. Upon their return to F&M, students are able to take Italian 201.

Advanced Italian

Students who have completed Italian 202 by May 2015 have the opportunity to take two advanced-level courses that aim at integrating coursework and group and individual urban explorations. More advanced students can also engage in independent research projects. Interested students should consult program faculty to discuss opportunities suited to them.

The Faculty

F&M professors Scott Lerner and Giovanna Faleschini Lerner teach regularly in Vicchio. Professor Scott Lerner (PhD in Comparative Literature, Harvard) is Professor of French and Italian and has taught both French and Italian literature and language courses at all levels. Giovanna Faleschini Lerner (PhD Italian, University of Pennsylvania) is Associate Professor of Italian. She has taught Italian language courses at all levels at the University of Pennsylvania and at F&M. She has also participated in the U Penn-Bryn Mawr Summer Program in Florence Program, teaching a variety of language courses and organizing extra-curricular activities.   Professors Chelsea Pomponio (PhD Italian, University of Pennsylvania), a specialist in Medieval and Renaissance literature, will also teach in the program in summer 2015.


Students are lodged in the hotel “L’Antica Porta di Levante,” located in the center of town, at walking distance from the train station, grocery stores, and restaurants. The hotel provides a high-quality breakfast and dinner every day. Students occupy double and triple rooms with private bathrooms.

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Program Fee and Financial Aid

The program fee is expected to be $6,700. It includes the hotel in Vicchio with half pension (breakfast and dinner), the hotel in Rome, evening programs and excursions, and tuition for 2 credits. It does not include airfare, transportation from airport to Vicchio, train fare from Vicchio to Rome, lunches while in Vicchio and meals in Rome. Students are expected to make their own travel arrangements from the US. (This is common policy for summer travel courses at F&M, as it allows students some flexibility in their travel plans, such as spending more time in Europe after the course is over).  Financial aid, as well as other ways of supporting participation in the program, are available through the Office of International Programs.

Further Information

For further information, please contact Professor Giovanna Lerner ().