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Network Infrastructure & Systems Team


The mission of Network Infrastructure and Systems is to provide a robust, reliable and available network and computing environment for Franklin & Marshall College. We strive for excellence in our services to support the mission and strategic goals of the College.

What we do

The Network Infrastructure and Systems group of ITS is responsible for the planning, implementation and maintenance of all of the hardware and software that comprise the following:

  • Campus-wide network
  • Internet connection
  • IT security
  • Central server provisioning
  • A wide range of central services such as email and eDisk


Alan Sutter

Director of Network Infrasructure & Systems

MLS 033

Larry Owens

Systems Manager

MLS 023

Greg Schuman

Network Analyst

MLS 032

Josh Baron

Senior Server Systems Administrator

MLS 025

Todd Higgins

Server Systems Administrator

MLS 023

Andrew Stitch

Server Systems Administrator

HAR 010