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Blackboard @ F&M - Known Issues

In this section of the Blackboard @ F&M website we will post known issues with Blackboard and the current level of resolution and workarounds. If you are having difficulty performing a task in Blackboard, check the Known Issues list. If the issue does not appear on the list, please contact the Franklin and Marshall College Blackboard Administrator at ().

Issue: Error when editing an existing calendar event.

Cause: This issue is caused by a bug in the system.

Solution: Scheduled to be fixed in the next release. The workaround is to create a new calendar event instead of editing an existing one.

Issue: Embeded Audio files automatically play when page loads. This occurs even when the Auto Play option is turned off. The Audio player also has huge black borders on the top and bottom.

Cause: This issue is caused by a bug in the system.

Solution: Scheduled to be fixed in the next release.

Issue:Users are unable to cut and paste in the Blackboard (VTBE) Virtual Text Box Editor. Issue occurring in Chrome branch on Windows, and in all browsers on OS X (Safari, Firefox and Chrome).

Cause: This issue is caused by recent browser changes that restrict a page's Javascript from accessing your OS's clipboard.

Solution: You may workaround this issue by using the "HTML Mode" button on most VTBE's in Blackboard.

Issue: Faculty is unable to upload a file to Blackboard.

Cause: Occurs when the course file management permissions are not enabled.

1. Open the course
2. Navigate to the Control Panel under Course Management
3. Click on Files
4. Click on Course ID. e.g. tfaculty.ITS101
5. The Files page will load
6. Click on the drop-down menu next to the Course ID at the top of the page
7. Click on Permissions. The Manage Permission page will load
8. Click on Add Course User List
9. In section 2, select the Instructor role
10. In section 3, select all the permissions
11. Click Submit to complete

Issue: The Grade Center is frozen. The following notice will be displayed.

Cause: Occurs when the column is not saved correctly.

1. Open Firefox
2. Follow these steps: Grade Center > Manage > Column Organization > change any one column position > Submit

Issue: Users get a blank screen when they click on an YouTube URL in Blackboard.


Set the YouTube URL to open in a new window


Embed the YouTube video

  1. Find the Video on YouTube
  2. Clicking the Embed button below the video.
  3. Click the Use old embed code check box.
  4. Copy the embed code
  5. Enter this code in the VTBE in HTML mode.


Use the YouTube Mashup feature

Issue: Users receive the following error message when using SafeAssignments or DirectSubmit.

"Sorry, we do not think you are logged in to SafeAssign. Your session may have timed out. If you have received this message in error, please contact your system administrator."

Solution: Enable cookies for the browser you are using.

For Safari:

  1. Click on Safari on the menu
  2. Click on Preferences
  3. Click on the Security tab and allow cookies
  4. Close your browser

For Firefox:

  1. Click on Firefox on the menu
  2. Click on Preferences
  3. Click on the Privacy tab and allow cookies
  4. Close your browse

Issue: Blackboard does not allow file name for assignments with spaces and special characters.

Solution: When naming MS Office (Word, Excel) files for Blackboard upload, please follow these guidelines:

  • Do not use special characters like #, &, or @
  • Do not use spaces
  • You may use the underscore _