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Blackboard vs. eDisk

 eDisk and Blackboard both offer College faculty web-based solutions for online delivery of course-based instructional materials. eDisk and Blackboard both support file upload and download and both permit course-restricted as well as public (guest) access. Information can be accessed on both eDisk and Blackboard via the internet using a web browser.



Services:file download
  • File download via Apple (AFP) and Windows (SMB) file sharing, FTP, HTTP
Services:file downloads
  • File download via HTTP
Services: file uploads
  • Drag-n-drop via AppleShare, FTP
Services: file uploads
  • web-based drop box
Additional course-centric features: Additional course-centric features:
  • assessments, simple web pages, grouping functions, student notebook
  • Communications Tools -e-gradebook, synchronous & asynchronous discussions, class e-mail, calendar
  • public, private, course-restricted
  • course access automated
  • access is controlled by official course registration
  • course-restricted, guest
  • course access manual
  • access is controlled by faculty developer
Client CPU Support:
  • Macintosh-enhanced, PC-capable
Client CPU Support:
  • platform independent
  • Drag-n-drop capability (multiple files) for Macintosh and Windows clients
  • customized, personalized web site design possible
  • platform independence
  • special course-centric features including e-gradebook, synchronous & asynchronous discussions, class e-mail, grouping functions
  • easy-to-use web site requiring no HTML or design skills