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SafeAssign Disclaimer

What is SafeAssign?

SafeAssign is a plagiarism prevention service, offered through Blackboard @ F&M, the College's course management system. This service helps educators prevent plagiarism by detecting unoriginal content in student papers. In addition to acting as a plagiarism deterrent, it also has features designed to aid in educating students about plagiarism and importance of proper attribution of any borrowed content.

Usage Disclaimer

  • SafeAssign does not cover the entire Internet.
  • SafeAssign does not access journals or material that require licensed access and a username/password authentication.
  • SafeAssign should not be used solely as a plagiarism detection and prevention tool. Rather it is a tool to supplement a faculty’s plagiarism detection and prevention strategies.

How does Safe Assign work?

Option 1

  • Faculty set up SafeAssignments in their Blackboard courses.
  • Students use the SafeAssignments to submit their papers.
  • The submitted papers are checked against SafeAssign's comprehensive databases of source material.
  • The papers will then be delivered to instructors through the Blackboard Learning System together with the originality reports, with the results of the matching process, attached to them.

Option 2

  • Faculty may directly upload the student papers or abstract of the paper with the DirectSubmit feature on SafeAssign. Students have no involvement in this process.

Matching Process - What does Safe Assign compare papers to?

SafeAssign checks all submitted papers against the following databases:

  • Internet - comprehensive index of documents available for public access on the Internet ProQuest ABI/Inform database with over 1,100 publication titles and about 2.6 million articles from '90s to present time, updated weekly (exclusive access)
  • SafeAssign uses as its search engine
  • Institutional document archives containing all papers submitted to SafeAssign by users in their respective institutions
  • Global Reference Database containing papers that were volunteered by students from Blackboard client institutions to help prevent cross-institutional plagiarism

Will students know if a faculty is using SafeAssign?

The Safe Assignments feature contains a Release Statement. The Release Statement is text included with every SafeAssignment to inform students that their paper will be compared to other sources through SafeAssign.

“Your SafeAssignment will be submitted to Blackboard Inc where it will be compared to other sources through SafeAssign. Please review your assignment before you submit. Blackboard System Administrator.