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 Alan Glazer, Henry P. and Mary B. Stager Professor of Business in Business, Organizations & Society, has used technology in his teaching since the early 1980s, when desktop computers first became widely available. Presently he uses the Internet for gaining access to research materials, such as securities filings posted on theU.S. Securities and Exchange Commission web site and public companies' investor relations web pages.

Since he teaches accounting classes, students work extensively on problems using Microsoft Excel. Furthermore, Professor Glazer uses Blackboard in all of his classes for communicating with students, posting review materials and course grades, and collecting Excel homework assignments. He has also experimented with SmartBoard and Airliner Slate technologies which are available in the eLearning Laboratory (eLL).

 “Increasingly, students have become accustomed to seeing various technologies used in their classes. While I often think first of paper and pencil solutions to problems, many students think automatically of using technology” says Professor Glazer. Now with the renovation and move to the Harris Center, Professor Glazer is right in the midst of several of the most technically advanced teaching spaces on campus.

With the eLL having been relocated to a room practically across the hall from his office, Professor Glazer will certainly continue to experiment with technology in that space. Also, the new high-tech Global Finance Lab is located right next door to the eLL. It has dual projectors in the front as well as four plasma monitors around the room. Students can work in groups using laptops connected to the monitors, and Professor Glazer then can project their work for the rest of the class to see. The room has laptops for the entire class, and he is able to load specialized software on them for use in the room. In addition, there are three Bloomberg terminals in the room, giving Professor Glazer and his students real-time access to financial information from around the world. There are a lot of new technologies to learn and explore, and Professor Glazer is enjoying his first classes in the Global Finance Lab.

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