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Van Gosse

 Van Gosse, Assistant Professor of History at Franklin & Marshall, teaches a wide range of courses in American History covering all periods including African American history, United States, and its relationship with Latin America, some courses in cultural history, film and music. Professor Gosse has embraced technology in his instruction by researching, experimenting, and implementing various technologies. He adopted Blackboard@F&M, the College's support course management system, in the Spring 2005 semester and has used PowerPoint and transparencies to disseminate his course related information.

 In the summer of 2007, Professor Gosse began the "Analog to Digital" project that would see the conversion of his analog class material including maps and other visuals into digital instructional media. The creation of these digital media allowed him to deliver the material to his students online through eDisk, the College's document storage and information exchange system at Franklin & Marshall. This project was a success as it allowed students to view the material prior to class as well as having access after class. "I expect that's just an early version of the kinds of things that I might do, of transferring analog material to digital. I may in the future use video clips or sound." This has motivated Professor Gosse to look forward to other ways of transitioning to the digital world.

 Professor Gosse is very optimistic about the future implementation of technology at Franklin & Marshall. Though a completely electronic digital experience might not be ideal for all his courses, Professor Gosse is in search of a compromise. He believes that the traditional and digital classroom can co-exist in a sort of symbiotic state. "There is a virtue to a more interactive classroom. If I can achieve that interactive flexibility that I have with the old fashion technology in the classroom combined, then I would be happy."

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