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Mission Statement - adopted 2005

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides a mechanism to connect students, faculty, professional staff, alumni and prospective students in their teaching, research, learning and administrative collaborations at Franklin & Marshall College. Working in partnership with the College Community, our mission is to enable everyone to receive personally necessary information, and to create, store, analyze and communicate new information, often with innovation, in accordance with the College’s goals, expectations and requirements, in a timely and secure manner.

Information Technology at Franklin & Marshall College 2013

Franklin & Marshall College is committed to the integration of information technology into College life. The computer is an indispensable tool for scholarship and communication and we want to ensure that our students and faculty have access to state-of-the-art resources.

The College incorporates every building on campus into the campus network. Additionally, our wireless network covers every building on campus and most outdoor spaces. Franklin & Marshall uses the World Wide Web as the vehicle for its information portal (Inside F&M).

From their computers and handheld devices students can freely access the Internet and all college-provided network services.

Over 80% of current students have followed the College's recommendation to have personal access to an Apple Mac. Nearly all of the College's approximately 200 full-time faculty have Macs in their offices.

The College has acquired both Mac and Windows (XP and 7) licenses for Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), virus protection, and other essential tools including statistical analysis and mathematical modeling programs. Printing is available in the library and ITS for a small fee per page. The College's core software is distrubuted through our secure Software Server (F&M authorization required)

Through Fummer First Links, first-year students can easily install all of the software necessary to utilize the campus information infrastructure and to be productive in the classroom or laboratory.

Franklin & Marshall has adopted Blackboard, a course/instructional management system. Blackboard is a web-based solution for online delivery of course-based instructional materials offering an easy-to-use interface and instructional management tools.

The information portal, Inside F&M (F&M authorization required), includes Franklin & Marshall news and events, web-based email, access to academic transcripts, and other essential details of campus life. Future additions to the College information environment will be accessible through Inside F&M.

eDisk is personal space for electronic document storage and information exchange that is available from any Internet connected computer. eDisk supports both file and web-sharing and provides private and public access. Franklin & Marshall students can use eDisk to store assignments, to move files from computer to computer at school and at home, to publish digital portfolios, or to create websites.

Last update: 20 March 2013