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Information Security Awareness Campaign

 During our consulting engagement with SMART Associates over the past year, it became abundantely clear that Information Security "Best Practice" is a combination of implementing centralized management tools and assisting individual users to practice safer computing habits. That is, information security is a shared responsibility between ITS and each member of the Franklin & Marshall Community. Starting this fall, ITS is recommending that a central administrative account be installed on employee computers (we already have 170 FPS members who have volunteered for this and most of the computer lab and public access computers already have this) so as to allow ITS to:

  • keep an accurate inventroy of all computer hardware and versions of operating system software
  • "push" software updates instead of relying on individuals to update their systems
  • provide remote helpdesk and diagnostic help to users having problems
  • begin to manage the encryption of confidential files
  • begin to provide centralization back-up services for certain files on a clients computer

This year, ITS will be working with our campus colleagues to promote a three-part IT Security Awareness Campaign that includes:

  1. Having everyone read and agree to our revised Acceptable Use Policy
  2.  Promoting the three data classifications (public, sensitive and confidential) to FPS and assisting staff and managers in how and why to classify their own data in this manner
  3. Promoting a coordinated program of "desktop security" that requires employees to periodically change their password and implement screen locking procedures for their computers.