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Lock Your Macintosh Computer Sceen

We strongly recommend that everyone on campus set your computer screen to lock while you are away from it. This prevents others from using the computer and when you return, you simply type in your computer's login name and password to continue working.

Here are the steps on a Mac to lock your screen when the machine is turned on, as well as to require a password on wake from sleep or the screen saver.

  • Go to your APPLE menu, and select SYSTEM PREFERENCES. The SYSTEM PREFERENCES pane opens.
  • In your SYSTEM PREFERENCES pane, in the PERSONAL section, click once on SECURITY.
  • The Security pane appears.
  • If the lock on the bottom left of the SECURITY pane appears as a closed padlock, click once on the lock, enter the administrator's password for your computer when prompted, then click once on the OK button.
  • In the Security pane, click once in each checkbox for:


    • Require password to wake this computer from sleep or screen saver
    • Disable automatic login
  • To close the SECURITY pane, click once on the CLOSE button.
  • Now, after your screen saver has been activated and someone moves the mouse or presses a key on the keyboard, an authentication window appears.
  • In the PASSWORD edit box, type your password and then click once on the OK button.
  • Your desktop appears.