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IT Infrastructure & Systems at F&M

In recent years several administrative offices have adopted “best of breed” administrative packages to complete their work. Examples of this are BSR Advance (now SunGard) in the Advancement Office, Recruitment Plus in Admission and PowerFAIDS in Financial Aid. 

In 2011 F&M made the decision to implement Banner to replace the Jenzabar system for Student, AR, Finance and HR.  Details about the implementation of the new Banner system can be found be visiting the Project BOOST web site.

Network Infrastructure: One of the projects for 2013 is to plan for the Network Core Redesign and Rebuild that will be necessary to replace the equipment installed in 2007 and 2008.

Central Server Robustness and Off-Site Redundancy: Since 2007 we have migrated away from single purpose servers and a heavy reliance on Apple X-Serves to establish both an enterprise-level Storage Area Network (SAN) and a set of Virtual Machine (VM) Servers to provide a more reliable, redundant and agile set of central systems to support the work of the College. The server backup system is NetVault, the SAN is Compellent and the VM is VMware running on IBM servers running Linux. We have also recently upgraded the VMS Alpha cluster to Itanium with a new HP-SAN. The second key component of this infrastructure is an off-site data center hosted by Distributed Systems Services (DSS) in Reading, PA. The off-site data center has duplicate SAN and VM equipment that is connected to the campus data center in a “trickle” back-up mode for redundancy and capable of ramping up as replacement service in the event of an extended outage on campus (disaster recovery).