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Wireless 3.0 on campus

Short History of Wireless Networking at F&M

Franklin & Marshall was one of the first campuses to introduce wireless networking back in 2001.  In partnership with Apple Computer, the College deployed 30 Airport access points in public areas on campus, thereby beginning the age of the "untethered" connection.  This was the era of the "clamshell" iBook.  Over time more access points were installed as the program expanded and security encryption was added by using VPN or virtual private network software.  While some of this original network is still in place, we have been adding newer devices over the years that have increased the speed and reliability of the Wi Fi network. 

Wireless 3.0

In late April 2009 ITS completed the installation of what we are calling "wireless 3.0" for the campus.  Nearly 250 wireless access points were put  in place across campus to deliver secure access to the internet at speeds that rival the traditional wired connection.  In addition, a new connection method will be used so that, as a member of the F&M community with a valid F&M NetID and password, you will only have to authenticate or "log in" one time at the initial connection.  In the future, the wireless network will "remember" who you are.  This new method will also assist those of you with smart phones (iPhones, Androids) and other hand-held devices (iPods, iPads, etc) access the internet via Wi Fi.  Details about the new network called FandM-WiFi can be found at Connecting to the FandM-WiFi.

During the spring of 2011, the wireless network was expanded to provide service to all of the College-owned residence hall bedrooms.  In January 2012, the wireless coverage was extended into all College Row and College Hill bedrooms.  These expansions more than doubled the wireless infrastructure, which now includes over 600 wireless access points across campus.