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Add a New Page

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To add a new page to your web site, first go to the page where you would like the new page title to appear in the left navigation bar.  This page that you are on is then considered the parent page, and the new page you would like to create is the child who's title will appear on the left navigation of the parent page.

  • CMS Page Parent-Child Relationship

  • Add Page Button

Scroll to the top of your window, locate, and then click on the Add Page button.

The Add Page window appears.

Type the desired title of your new page into the Title field.

In most instances, the desired page type is Default Page.

Pages are published immediately by default.  If you do not want your page published until you have completed the editing process, click the Published On radio button to toggle to Off.

Click once on the Create Page button.

  • CMS Title Window

Your new page appears, and the title of the page is listed in the left navigation bar.  You are now ready to start adding content.

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