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Clear Cache; Safari/Mac

  • Reset Safari
To reset your cache in Safari on Mac, the first thing you'll need to do is click "Safari" on the toolbar at the top of the screen, then click "Reset Safari"
You will be presented with a screen which says: "Are you sure you want to reset Safari?" and a number of options.
  • Clear History means clearing your browsing history
  • Reset Top Sites Resets the sites you visit most often to the system defaults. This is commonly shown when you start Safari.
  • Remove all webpage preview images removes the website preview images shown when browsing your history or top sites.s
  • Reset all location warnings - There are some websites which may have asked your permission to share your location. This resets these permissions.
  • Remove all website notification warnings resets all warnings related to viewing a website.
  • Remove all website data clears your cache
  • Remove saved names and password resets the Autofill for name, email, and passwords
  • Remove other Autofill form text resets all the other auto fill text for example, your addresss
  • Clear the Downloads list clears your list of downloads
  • Close all Safari windows closes all of the windows open in Safari

To clear your cache, the only item you must select is "Remove all website data". Of course you can select others if you wish.

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