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Update Your Listing in the Online Directory

To update your profile in the online directory is a multi-step process.  Some information must be updated via your Human Resources demographic information in Inside F&M, and the rest can be updated directly within the CMS.

Please note:  The only person that can update your demographic information in Inside F&M is you.  This step cannot be accomplished by your Web Content Implementer (Web CI).

To update your demographic information, specifically your office location, office room number, and telephone number:

  1. Log in to Inside F&M
  2. Click the My Info tab.
  3. In the Quick Links section, click the link for Update Addresses and Phones
  4. Once you have submitted your changes, it will take overnight for the changes to be reflected in the College Directory.

To update your content and photograph in the CMS:

  1. Go to your profile page.  The web address structure for all profile pages is
  2. Scroll all the way down to the page footer.
  3. Click once on the login link.
  4. Log in using your F&M NetID credentials.
  5. Once logged in, edit buttons appear throughout the profile page.
  6. Use these edit buttons to edit different sections of your profile.  If you would like more information on using our CMS, please check our Web Site Handbook Beginner's Guide documents.
  7. If there is a section you do not use in the profile page, (i.e., you do not put text in that section) that section will not appear in the published page.

To upload a photo:

  1. Click once the Edit photo button that appears on the photo slot -- this will take you to the media library.
  2. Click once the Add media button.
  3. Use the browse button to locate the image you want to upload and click once Upload Media.
  4. Enter the image title and select people as the category for this image. If you want, you can also enter a tag (such as, the name of your department or office). Click Save.
  5. Your image will now be displayed in the Media Library page.
  6. Select it and save it.
  7. To find out more about uploading images and using the Media Center, please check our Web Site Handbook Media Center documents.

Please download the screen shot below for more details.

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