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eDisk Sites Folders

The eDisk Sites folders for groups and individuals provide secure sharing of documents via a web browser.

eDisk --> --> Sites -->

The Sites folder may be used to store resources and to share them with anyone who has access to the Internet. Placing files in your Sites folder makes them accessible to the entire world via a web browser. By placing files in the Sites folder, documents may be viewed directly from a web-browser or may be downloaded by “right clicking” on them. They may also be accessed from many mobile devices.

eDisk --> --> Sites --> Private

The Private folder within your Sites folder takes this one step further by requiring authentication before granting access to its contents. You are the only person who can access files that are stored in your Private folder (within the Sites folder).

The “URL” for each file consists of filename or for files stored in the Private Folder of the Sites folder. For example, if Professor John Marshall placed a document entitled LifeOfWashington.pdf into his Sites folder, it is accessible by simply navigating to If you are doing this, simply replace “john.marshall” with your eDisk folder name, and “lifeofwashington.pdf” with your own file.

eDisk --> Groups --> --> Sites --> fandm

Within every Group’s Sites’ folder is a folder entitled “fandm”. Files within that folder may be accessed by anyone in the F&M community (student, professional staff and faculty).

Another folder within the “fandm” folder is entitled “faculty”, which contains files accessible only by F&M Faculty. Finally, a third folder is entitled “fps” and this folder is accessible only by F&M faculty and professional staff but not by F&M students.

The “URL” to these files is: /<REPLACE WITH YOUR GROUP>/fandm/.

To figure out the group name for your URL, go to myDiplomat. Under About Me: MyAffiliations, click the web icon for the group. Your browser's address bar will show the URL to the group folder.

Authentication is necessary in order to access the “fandm”, “faculty” or “fps” folders.

The below chart illustrates the eDisk Sites folder path and its corresponding URL.


eDisk folder Path

Internet Address

Who can see these Files

Who May add & delete these files?


Anyone with an Internet connection

John Marshall


John Marshall

John Marshall

eDisk-->Groups-->Information Technology Services-->Sites

Anyone with an Internet connection

Members of the ITS group

eDisk-->Groups-->Information Technology Services-->Sites-->fandm

F&M community (FPS and students)

Members of the ITS group

eDisk-->Groups-->Information Technology Services-->Sites-->fandm-->faculty

F&M faculty

Members of the ITS group

eDisk-->Groups-->Information Technology Services-->Sites-->fandm--fps

F&M faculty and professional staff

Members of the ITS group