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Managing eDisk Groups

Each eDisk Group has a group Maintainer. The Group Maintainer can add or delete group members.

For course groups, the faculty member teaching the course is the Group Maintainer. For an organization or department, the Group Maintainer is usually the group coordinator or the individual who requested the creation of the group.

Managing eDisk group membership is done through Inside F&M


  • Log into Inside F&M and select the My Info tab.
  • Click on Update under the Maintain Roster column.
  • edisk 1

Type in the name of the person you wish to add to the group


If the name you type is unique, the user will be added to the group. If the name is not unique, you will be provided a list to choose from.

Select the name and you are done.

  • edisk 2

Remove a member from the group by clicking on the symbol under the Remove User column.

  • edisk 3